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Out now is the first pair of ErstAEUs since 2013, Kevin Parks/Vanessa Rossetto-Severe Liberties and Devin DiSanto/Nick Hoffman-Three Exercises.

For anyone interested in the latest Erstwhile news, I recommend keeping an eye on the FB page (facebook.com/erstwhilerecords) as that is updated the most frequently.

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last day of the Unami/La Casa recordings, Tokyo, 6/18/14

New Releases

Kevin Parks/Vanessa Rossetto
Severe Liberties
available now
Devin DiSanto/Nick Hoffman
Three Exercises
available now


Catalog You can find more info and reviews for each release as well as audio files in the catalog section. Check the news page to find out about releases where stock is running low.

Other CDs

Other Cds A list of other recordings distributed by Erstwhile Records. Many of these titles are in limited quantities.