Release News

The first set of 2015 releases will be out at the start of February: Jeph Jerman/Tim Barnes-Matterings, Graham Lambkin/Michael Pisaro-Schwarze Riesenfalter and Eric La Casa/Taku Unami-Parazoan Mapping. Later in 2015 will be a handful of ErstAEU releases, between three and five, followed by Michael Pisaro/Christian Wolff and Keith Rowe's epic solo The Room Extended. All of this is subject to change, as always.

There are many other projects in the works: Takahiro Kawaguchi/Utah Kawasaki, Toshiya Tsunoda/Jason Lescalleet, Graham Lambkin/Taku Unami, Marc Baron/Ralf Wehowsky, an Olivia Block ErstSolo, and the first two releases on the new ErstClass imprint, a three disc box of Michael Pisaro's piano compositions performed by Reinier van Houdt and a disc of Manfred Werder's work as interpreted by Cristián Alvear and Greg Stuart.

Some of the older CDs in the catalog are out of print now from me directly: 004, 007, 010, 012, 014, 015, 021, 023, 031, EL004 and ES003 are all completely out of stock and 016, 029, and 033-040 are all running low. Good luck hunting down copies of the first list (some of which may be reprinted in the future), and grab the last three from me soon if you are interested.

Site News


T-shirts are still available, two different designs which you can view here, all cotton, in sizes XL, L, M and S. They're $15 apiece including shipping within the US, e-mail for prices outside the US.

The press page has numerous articles and reviews of 001-043 and EL 001-004, and sound clips for all available titles in MP3 have now been added to the individual catalog pages.

We have a PayPal option for purchasing, so CDs can be ordered electronically, all of the details are available on the ordering page. You can order discs directly (preferred), or check the order page for a link to the most convenient distributor for you.