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Amplify 04
May 6-8 and May 14-16, co-curated by Keith Rowe and Jon Abbey

Cologne, Stadtgarten

Thursday, May 6
Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler/Cor Fuhler/Gert-Jan Prins
Pita/Christian Fennesz/Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide
Keith Rowe/Toshi Nakamura/Günter Müller/Norbert Möslang
Full 12tet

Friday, May 7
Full 12tet

Saturday, May 8
Full 12tet

Berlin, Backfabrik

Friday, May 14
Keith Rowe/Sachiko M/Toshi Nakamura/Otomo Yoshihide
(approximately four hours long)

Saturday, May 15
Burkhard Stangl/Dieb13/Billy Roisz/Axel Dörner
John Butcher solo, Radian, Radian/John Butcher
Rowe/Nakamura/Andrea Neumann/Burkhard Beins

Sunday, May 16
Toshi Nakamura solo, Oren Ambarchi solo
Keith Rowe solo, Christian Fennesz solo

Each of the 14 quartets over the six nights of the festival will be a world premiere, with the exception of the Berlin Rowe/Sachiko/Nakamura/Otomo set, since they're performing in both cities.

Additional shows in Berlin before and after the festival

Monday, May 10, Club der Polnischen Versager
Keith Rowe/Burkhard Beins
Sachiko M/Annette Krebs
Andrea Neumann/Toshi Nakamura

Thursday, May 13, Ausland
Keith Rowe/Annette Krebs
Andrea Neumann/Burkhard Beins
Günter Müller/Toshi Nakamura

Monday, May 17, Galerie Neurotitan
Otomo Yoshihide / Takeshi Fumimoto

Monday, May 17, Labor Sonor @ Kule
Martin Tétreault/ Xavier Charles
Mark Wastell/Tim Barnes
Burkhard Stangl/Kai Fagaschinski

Wednesday, May 19, Ausland
Keith Rowe/Axel Dörner/Franz Hautzinger (record release concert)
Sachiko M/Toshi Nakamura/Otomo Yoshihide (record release concert)
Burkhard Stangl/Christof Kurzmann

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Photos by Yuko Zama