Cristián Alvear/Klaus Filip-6 Chords (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Leo Okagawa-in the quiet room (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

Yuma Takeshita-on a rainy day (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

Straytone-Exploration Exploitation Exploration (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

Aoyama±-Catabolized Guitar Solo Nos. 1 to 3 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)


Illogical Harmonies (Johnny Chang/Mike Majkowski)-Circuit (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

ju sei w/Utah Kawasaki/Masahiro Okura/Michael Thieke-Live at Ftarri Festival 2015 (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Taku Sugimoto-Guitars (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (compositions by Sugimoto, performed by Andrey Popovsky, Denis Sorokin and Alexander Markvart) (edition of 300)


Bryan Eubanks/Joe Foster-D=D (Sacred Realism) ($25) (391 page hardcover book with CD, heavy to ship, more info at

Matthew Revert-The Inpatient (Round Bale) (C50 cassette) ($9)


Axel Dörner/Toshimaru Nakamura-In Cotton and Wool (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Bruno Duplant-deux songes (les jours sont faits pour expliquer les nuits) (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300) (performed by Ordinary Affects)

Zhao Cong-Rotating, Rotating (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)


Tetuzi Akiyama-Misrepresenting Memory (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Yasumune Morishige/Yoko Ikeda/Takashi Masubuchi-Shade (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Masashi Takashima/Madoka Kouno/Masahide Tokunaga/Yuma Takeshita-Hubble Deep Fields (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 180)


Michael Pisaro-Nature Denatured and Found Again (Gravity Wave) ($60) (five CD box set, includes a 24 page color booklet with liner notes from Pisaro) (set features contributions from Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Marcus Kaiser, Radu Malfatti, André O. Möller, Kathryn Pisaro and Michael Pisaro) (edition of 500)

Gil Sansón/Lance Austin Olsen-Works on Paper (elsewhere) ($21) (2 CDs) (edition of 500)

Seijiro Murayama-The Empire Of Slip Of The Tongue (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Ken Ikeda/Tomoyoshi Date-Ink On Paper (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

The List


Paul Abbott/Grundik Kasyansky-green ribbon residue, in this case (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Christine Abdelnour/Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann-AS:IS (Olof Bright) ($15)

Chris Abrahams/Burkhard Beins-Instead of the Sun (Herbal) ($14)

Chris Abrahams/Lucio Capece-None of Them Would Remember It That Way (Mikroton) ($14)

Active Recovering Music-Active Recovering Music (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (slide whistle octet led by Okura and including Unami and Kawaguchi) limited edition of 500)

*Activity Center (Burkhard Beins/Michael Renkel)-lohn & brot (Absinth) ($16)

*Activity Center (Michael Renkel/Burkhard Beins)/Phil Minton (Absinth) ($16)

Ignacio Agrimbau-Anatomy of the Self Vol. 2 (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Ryoko Akama/Ko Ishikawa/Bruno Duplant-2 Compositions (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama-Misrepresenting Memory (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Tetuzi Akiyama-Playback 09 (Wild Horses) (CD-R) ($10) (16:49 long) (Commune Disc)

Tetuzi Akiyama-Striking Another Match (Utech) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 200)

*Tetuzi Akiyama/Oren Ambarchi/Alan Licht-Willow Weep And Moan For Me (Antiopic) (3"CD) ($8)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Tim Barnes/Masafumi Ezaki-Futuro (Quakebasket) ($13)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Magnus Granberg/Henrik Olsson-Whose Words? (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Paul Hood-Playback 07 (Commune-Disc) (CDr) ($10)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn-Till We Meet Again (For 4 Ears) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn/Toshimaru Nakamura-Between Two (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn/Toshimaru Nakamura-IHJ/Ftarri (Winds Measure) ($13)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Takuji Kawai-Transition (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (numbered limited edition of 450)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/Taku Sugimoto/Mark Wastell-Foldings (Confront) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Martin Ng-Oimacta (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Makoto Oshiro/suzueri/Roger Turner-Live at Ftarri (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama & Phantom Limb-Hot Ginger (Archive) ($12)

Christian Alati/Giuseppe Ielasi/Ruggero Radaele-self-titled (Sonoris) ($10)

Rodolphe Alexis/Stephane Rives-Winds Doors Poplars (Herbal) ($14)

Alles 3 (Toshimaru Nakamura/Nicholas Bussmann)-I Know How You Frown (SubJam/KwanYin) ($17)

Jeffrey Allport/Joda Clément/Chandan Narayan-The Party (Simple Geometry) ($10)

Cristián Alvear-Quatre Pieces Poir Guitare & Ondes Sinusoidales (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13) (pieces by Lucier, Akama, Duplant and Astaburuaga)

Cristián Alvear/Klaus Filip-6 Chords (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Cristián Alvear/Seijiro Murayama-Karoujite (Potlatch) ($15)

Cristián Alvear/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara-Tumo Plays Cristián Alvear (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

*Oren Ambarchi-Intermission 2000-2008 (Touch) ($15)

Casey Anderson-Radios (A Wave Press) ($12)

Casey Anderson/Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Mark Trayle-Five Lines (Mikroton) ($14) (edition of 300)

Angle (Jean-Luc Guionnet/Jean-Philippe Gross)-Premier Angle ($15)

*Thomas Ankersmit-Live In Utrecht (Ash International) ($15)

Aoyama±-Catabolized Guitar Solo Nos. 1 to 3 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

*Karel Appel-Musique Barbare (Sub Rosa) ($16)

Ap'strphe (Ferran Fages/Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga)-Objects Sense Objectes (Etude) ($13)

*Ricardo Arias-Música Global (Nurnichtnur) ($13)

árum (Lali Barriére/Juan Matos Capote)-colors (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

As Loud As Possible, issue #1 (magazine) ($11) (166 pages, "the noise culture magazine")

Patrick Ascione-Métamorphose D’un Jaune Citron (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Santiago Astaburuaga-Grado de Potencia #1 (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

*Astro Twin/Cosmos-Astro Twin/Cosmos (F.M.N. Sound Factory) (2 CDs) ($22)

*Aube + M.B.-Mectpyo Saisei (PARAdisc) ($13)

Autistic Daughters-Uneasy Flowers (Kranky) ($14)


Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun-13:46\11:04\25:09\\ (Charhizma) ($15)

Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Burkhard Beins-zur stabilen st¸tzung eines kˆrpers ist es notwendig dafl er mindestens drei auflagenpunkte hat, die nicht in einer geraden liegen (Absinth Records) ($16)

Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Burkhard Beins-Future Perfect (Mikroton) ($14)

*Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda-Strom (Potlatch) ($15)

Bang The Bore-Twelve Tapes (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Ruth Barberán-Capacidad De Pérdida (Creative Sources) ($14)

Ruth Barberán/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ferran Fages/Margarida Garcia-Octante (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Dave Barnes/Richard Kamerman/Graham Stephenson-Three Duos (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($10)

Tim Barnes/Jeph Jerman-Live + Gallery Denver (no label) (CDr) ($10) (recorded in 6/05)

Tim Barnes/Toshio Kajiwara/Marina Rosenfeld-A Water's Wake (Quakebasket) ($13)

Tim Barnes/Mark Wastell (The Scotch Of St. James)-Live At AMPLIFY 2004: addition (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Derek Baron/Alec Livaditis (Silt Editions) ($8) (C30 split cassette, not a collab) (edition of 70)

Marc Baron-Hidden Tapes (Potlatch) ($15)

Marc Baron-Un Salon Au Fond D'Un Lac (Potlatch) ($15)

Marc Baron/Bertrand Denzler/Jean-Luc Guionnet/Stéphane Rives-Propagations (Potlatch) ($15)

William Basinski-Disintegration Loop 1.1 (Vector/Headz) (DVD) ($22)

*Pascal Battus-Pick-Up (Amor Fati) (CD) ($14)

Pascal Battus-Simbol/L'Unique Trait D'Pinceau (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Pascal Battus/Bertrand Gauguet/Eric La Casa-Chantier 4 (Swarming) ($14)

Pascal Battus/Lionel Marchetti/Emmanuel Petit-La Vie Dans Les Bois (Herbal) ($14)

Pascal Battus/Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Felure (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Pascal Battus/Christine Sehnaoui Abdelnour-Ichnites (Potlatch) ($15)

Pascal Battus/Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (Potlatch) ($21) (2 CDs)

Martin Baumgartner-Shoot's Huft (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Prune Bécheau-Stries Ton, Tripes Et Poils (Weighter) ($13) (solo record from a member of Pancrace)

BEFOREHAND (Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga/Mark Wastell)-Live At Hundred Years Gallery (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Burkhard Beins-Disco Prova (Absinth) ($16)

Burkhard Beins-Structural Drift (Edition Künstlerhäuser Worpswede) ($16)

Burkhard Beins/Lucio Capece/Rhodri Davies/Toshimaru Nakamura-SLW (Formed) ($12)

Burkhard Beins/Lucio Capece/Martin Küchen/Paul Vogel-Fracture Mechanics (Mikroton) ($14)

Burkhard Beins/Michael Thieke/Luca Venitucci-Roman Tics (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Obwod (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Vtoroi (Mikroton) ($14)

Claire Bergerault/Jean-Luc Guionnet-mune (Cathnor) ($14)

Berlin-Buenos Aires Quintet (Neumann/Capece/Merce/Hayward/Paiuk)-self-titled (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11) (new release!)

Michael R. Bernstein/Mike Shiflet-Live, New York (their ErstQuake 3 set) (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

*Antoine Beuger-calme étendue (spinoza) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Antoine Beuger-Ockeghem Octets (Another Timbre) ($14)

*Antoine Beuger/John Cage-dialogues (silences)/Music For One (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Jürg Frey)

Antoine Beuger/Jürg Frey--Dedalus (Potlatch) ($15)

Peter Blamey-Salted Felt (Impermanent Recordings) ($13)

Blanco Niño (Brent Gutzeit/Mike Shiflet) (BOXmedia) (CDr) ($10)

Frédéric Blondy/Lê Quan Ninh-Exaltatio utriusque mundi (Potlatch) ($15)

Thomas Bonvalet/Jean-Luc Guionnet-Fusées (Weighter) ($13)

Dante Boon-Düsseldorf Recital (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13)

Dante Boon-For Clarinet (& Piano) (Another Timbre) ($14) (performed by Jürg Frey and Dante Boon)

*Alessandro Bosetti-Zwolfzungen (Sedimental) ($14)

Alessandro Bosetti/Chris Abrahams-We Who Had Left (Mikroton) ($14)

Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda/Bhob Rainey-Places dans l'air (Potlatch) ($15)

Alessandro Bosetti/Annette Krebs-Bosetti/Krebs (Grob) ($12)

Boubaker/Pontevia/Werchowska-A Floating World (Mikroton) ($14)

Dietmar Brehm-Black Garden (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Broken Consort (Matt Davis/Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell)-Done (Quakebasket) ($13)

*Bruckmann/Dafeldecker/Hauf-Wane (Formed) ($12)

BSC-Manual (book+CD-R) (No Books) ($23) (I only have a handful of these, so act quickly if you're interested)

*Tony Buck/Cor Fuhler/Anna Zaradny-Lighton (Musica Genera) ($14)

Mike Bullock-Initial (Chloë) ($12)

Michael Bullock/Mazen Kerbaj/Vic Rawlings-Mawja Studio One (Al Maslakh) ($15)

Michael Bullock/Andrew Lafkas-Ceremonies To Breathe Upon (Winds Measure) ($13)

*Dan Burke/Thomas Dimuzio-Hz (Sonoris) ($10)

*John Butcher-The Geometry of Sentiment (Emanem) ($18)

John Butcher-Music On Seven Occasions (Meniscus) ($12)

John Butcher-Resonant Spaces (Confront) ($14)

John Butcher/Xavier Charles/Axel Dorner (The Contest Of Pleasures)-Albi Days (Potlatch) ($15)

John Butcher/Rhodri Davies-Carliol (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

John Butcher/Rhodri Davies (w/Chris Watson)-Routing Lynn (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

John Butcher/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Shortening Distance (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

*John Butcher/Christof Kurzmann-The Big Misunderstanding Between Hertz And Megahertz (Potlatch) ($15)

John Butcher/Dylan Van Der Schyff-Points, Snags, and Windings (Meniscus) ($12)


John Cage-Cartridge Music (Another Timbre) ($13) (performed by Cornford/Monteiro/Curgenven/Fages/Farmer/Jones/Patterson)

John Cage-Composition In Retrospect (Exact Change book) ($15)

John Cage-Klang der Wandlungen (Edition RZ) (3 CDs) ($39)

John Cage-Winter Music (Another Timbre) ($14) (for four pianos, performed by John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Catherine Laws and Mark Knoop)

*John Cage/Morton Feldman-Music For Keyboard 1935-1948/The Early Years (New World) (2 CDs) ($29)

California Dolls (Ami Yoshida)-Dragon, Tiger, and Escargot (Commune Disc) ($16)

Lucio Capece-Factors of Space Inconstancy (Drone Sweet Drone) ($15)

Lucio Capece-Less is Less: Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers (Intonema) ($15)

Lucio Capece-Zero Plus Zero (Potlatch) ($15)

Lucio Capece/Radu Malfatti-Berlinerstrasse 20 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Lucio Capece/Radu Malfatti-Explorational (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

*Lucio Capece/Sergio Merce-Casa (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13)

Erik Carlson-Piece For 12 Violins, Parts 1+2 (Marginal Frequency) (C60 cassette) ($8)

Erik Carlsson-Let's Fall In Love! (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

*Edén Carrasco/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Casa Corp (Dromos) (CDr) ($11)

Edén Carrasco/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Una Casa/Observatorio (Three Chairs/Jardinista!) (CDr) ($10)

Todd Carter/Robert Lomblad - Epigenetic Preschool (Field Recordings And Images From Chicago) (Boxmedia) (2CDr + Photos) ($14)

Angélica Castelló/Mario de Vega/Attila Faravelli/Burkhard Stangl-SQID (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (edition of 300)

Angélica Castelló/Billy Roisz/Burkhard Stangl/Dieb13-Scuba (Mikroton) ($14)

Scott Cazan-Ingress (A Wave Press) ($12)

CCMC-Accomplices (Victo) ($12)

Barry Chabala/Bonnie Jones/Louisa Martin/Tisha Mukarji/Toshimaru Nakamura/Gabriel Paiuk-unbalanced in (unbalanced out) (Another Timbre) (CD-R) ($12)

Chadlehn-c inside (Grob) ($14)

*Xavier Charles-La Neige Attend la Neige (A Bruit Secret) (3" CD) ($9)

Xavier Charles/Jean-Philippe Gross/Franz Hautzinger/Lionel Marchetti-Tsstt! (Monotype) ($15)

Charlie Charlie-La Respiration des Saintes (Antboy) (3" CDr) ($6)

Loren Chasse-The Air In The Sand (Naturestrip) ($14)

*Loren Chasse-The Footpath (Naturestrip) ($14)

Cheapmachines (Phil Julian)-Secede (Entr'acte) ($12)

Chicago Sound Map-Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel (Kuro Neko) ($12)

Michel Chion-Credo Mambo (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Michel Chion-Gloria (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Michel Chion/Lionel Marchetti/Jérôme Noetinger-Filarium (Vand'Oeuvre) (2CD) ($25)

Michel Chion/Lionel Marchetti/Jérôme Noetinger-Les 120 Jours (Fringes) (2CD) ($25)

Chip Shop Music (Erik Carlsson/David Lacey/Paul Vogel/Martin Küchen)/Toshimaru Nakamura-Protocol (Mathka) ($15)

Choi Joonyong-Burn Yoido Burn (Ghost & Son) (3" CDr) ($8)

Choi Joonyong-White Disc Ver. 2 (Balloon & Needle) (CDr) ($12)

Choi Joonyong/Kevin Drumm/Hong Chulki-Normal (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Hum & Rattle (Balloon & Needle) ($13)

Choi Joonyong/Park Seungjun-Driller (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Linda Christanell-The Nature of Expression (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Joda Clément-Sea Songs (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Joe Colley-No Way In (Glistening Examples) (LP) ($24)

Henry Collins-The Masters (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Henry Collins-Music of Sound (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Common Objects (John Butcher/Rhodri Davies/Lee Patterson)-Live In Morden Tower (Mikroton) ($14)

Common Objects (John Butcher/Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Lina Lapelyte/Lee Patterson/Pat Thomas)-Skullmarks (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 600)

Zhao Cong-Rotating, Rotating (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Cool Quartet w/Lina Nyberg (featuring Eric La Casa)-Dancing In Tomelilla (Hibari) ($15) (also featuring Axel Dörner)

Seth Cooke-Four No-Input Field Recordings (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Seth Cooke-Sightseer (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (3" CDr) ($7) (edition of 100)

Coppice-Big Wad Excisions (Quakebasket) ($13)

Eric Cordier-Osorezan (Herbal) ($14)

Eric Cordier/Seijiro Murayama-Nuit (Herbal) ($14)

Stephen Cornford/Ben Gwilliam-On Taking Things Apart (Winds Measure) ($13)

*Anla Courtis-Tape Works (Pogus) ($12)

Alan Courtis/Jaime Genovart/Christof Kurzmann/Pablo Reche-Palmar Zähler (Mikroton) ($14)

Courtis(Reynols)/Lasse Marhaug-North and South Neutrino (Antifrost) ($10)

*Cranc (Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Nikos Veliotis)-Copper Fields (Organized Music from Thessaloniki/Absurd) ($13)

Cremaster-Igneo (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Cremaster-Live At Audiograft (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13)

*Cremaster-Noranta Graus a l'Esquerra (Monotype) ($15)

Cremaster/Angharad Davies-Pluie Fine (Potlatch) ($15)

Pascale Criton-Infra (Potlatch) ($15) (performed by Ensemble Dedalus)

*Frederik Croene & Esther Venrooy-Hout (Robo Records) ($12)

Culpis-Situation Vacant Columns (PARAdisc) ($11)

Cult Junk Café (Featuring Otomo Yoshihide)-self-titled (Gentle Giant) ($8)

Alvin Curran/Domenico Sciajno-Our Ur (Rossbin) ($10)


D-Untitles (Soul Static Sound) ($10)

*Dadawah-Peace And Love (Dug Out) ($15) (one of the best Jamaican records you'll ever hear, dub/nyabhingi from 1974)

Werner Dafeldecker/Christof Kurzmann/John Tilbury/Stevie Wishart-violet (Mikroton) ($14)

Werner Dafeldecker/Valerio Tricoli-Williams Mix Extended (Quakebasket) ($13) (a new realization based on the score of John Cage's Octophonic tape piece Williams Mix from 1952)

Anders Dahl-Doorbells (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Anders Dahl-16 Rows (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Andres Dahl/Patrick Farmer/Christian Munthe-Rhino (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Riuichi Daijo/Keitetsu Murai/Tetsuro Fujimaki-Reach Out to Touch (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Melaine Dalibert-Musique pour le lever du jour (elsewhere) ($14) (edition of 500)

Moniek Darge-Crete Soundies (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Sacred Balinese Soundies, Mauro's Song (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001) (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Sounds Of Sacred Places (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge/Graham Lambkin-Indian Soundies (Kye) ($15) (four tracks, 2 Darge, 1 Lambkin/Darge, 1 Lambkin)

*Neil Davidson-Do Not Send To Tweed (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Neil Davidson/Michael Duch-Oera (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Angharad Davies-Six Studies (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Rhodri Davies-Over Shadows (Confront) ($14)

Rhodri Davies-Trem (Confront) ($14)

Rhodri Davies/David Lacey/Dennis McNulty-Poor Trade (Cathnor) ($15)

Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell-Live In Melbourne (Mikroton) ($14)

*Matt Davis/Graham Halliwell-Old School House (Absurd) (CDr) ($12)

*Matt Davis/Ben Lancaster-Seen (A Field Record) (CDr) ($10)

Clara de Asis-Without (elsewhere) (performed by Erik Carlson/Greg Stuart) ($14)

*Alain De Filippis-Ton Dieu Ne S'Appelle-T-Il Pas Ego? (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Roger De La Frayssenet (Lionel Marchetti)-Kitnabudja Town (Metamkine) ($13)

Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra (Mattin/Tim Goldie)-Luxury (Tochnit Aleph) ($15)

delicate sen-Four Years Later (since, why not) (Copy For Your Records) ($12) (trio of Billy Gomberg/Anne Guthrie/Richard Kamerman)

Délire-Diapora (Synaesthesia) ($13)

Bertrand Denzler-Tenor (Potlatch) ($15)

Developer-Developer (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Developer-untitled (Copy For Your Records) (21 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Dieb13-Restructuring (Charhizma) ($15)

*Dieb 13/Jason Kahn/Günter Müller-Streaming (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Digital Live Radio Session (Julien Ottavi)-self-titled (fibrr) ($12)

D'Incise-Impermeability (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Devin DiSanto-Tracing A Boundary (Task) ($12)

Doe/Eso Steel/Birchville Cat Motel-Galleries 4-6 (20City) ($12)

The Dogmatics (Chris Abrahams/Kai Fagaschinski)-The Sacrifice For The Music Became Our Lifestyle (Monotype) (LP) ($19)

*Michel Doneda/Urs Leimgruber/Keith Rowe-The Difference Between A Fish (Potlatch) ($15)

Michel Doneda/Olivier Toulemonde/Nicolas Desmarchelier-Le Terrier (Monotype) ($15)

Axel Dörner/Diego Chamy-Super Axel Dörner (Absinth) ($17)

*Axel Dörner/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Bhob Rainey-Thanks, Cash (Sedimental) ($12)

Axel Dörner/Toshimaru Nakamura-In Cotton and Wool (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Axel Dörner/Toshimaru Nakamura-vorhernach (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler-Stir (Zavod Sploh/l'innomable) ($11)

Kevin Drumm-The Damned Sort (self-released) (3 CD-Rs) ($25) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Electronic Harrassment ii-iii (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Electronic Harassment 4-5 (self-released) (2 CD-Rs) ($18) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Imperial Horizon (Hospital) ($14)

Kevin Drumm-Inexplicable Hours (Sonoris) ($13)

Kevin Drumm-1983 (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm-Phantom Jerk (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Purge (iDEAL) ($12) (CD reissue of a quickly OOP cassette from 2007)

Kevin Drumm-Quiet Nights (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm-The Whole House (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm/Daniel Menche-Gauntlet (Editions Mego) ($15)

Bertrand Dubedout-Aux Lampions (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Michael Francis Duch-Edges (+3db) ($15) (compositions by Wolff/Brown/Feldman/Skempton)

Peter Duimelinks/Roel Meelkop/Ralf Wehowsky-Verklarte Tage (Sonoris) ($10)

Kyle Bobby Dunn-Fragments & Compositions of (Sedimental) ($12)

Bruno Duplant-deux songes (les jours sont faits pour expliquer les nuits) (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300) (performed by Ordinary Affects)

Bruno Duplant-Slow Breath (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Bruno Duplant/Barry Chabala-La Nuit (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

*Bruno Duplant/A.F. Jones-Les Tenebres Vertes Dans Les Soirs Humides de la Belle Saison ‎(Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($11)

Phil Durrant/Lee Patterson/Paul Vogel-Buoy (Cathnor) ($14)


E-Rax (Peter Bergen/Gert-Jan Prins/Thomas Lehn)-Antics (Infim) (DVD) ($15)

Matt Earle/Jason Kahn/Adam Sussmann-Draught (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Efzeg-Würm (Charhizma) ($15)

Fabrice Eglin/Jérôme Noetinger-Psychotic Reactions & Lightnin' Rag (A Bruit Secret) ($11)

The Elks (Liz Allbee/Kai Fagaschinski/Billy Roisz/Marta Zapparoli)-This Is Not The Ant (Mikroton) ($14)

Jean-Claude Eloy-Shanti (Hors Territoires) (2 CDs) ($37)

Emaciator-Remorse (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

English (Joe Foster/Bonnie Jones)-English (self-released) (CDr) ($11)

Sabine Ercklentz-Steinschlag (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Sabine Ercklentz/Andrea Neumann-LAlienation (Herbal) ($14)

Carmina Escobar-Tzatzi (A Wave Press) ($12)

Eso Steel-Galleries 1-3 (20City) ($12)

Bryan Eubanks-Anamorphosis (Sacred Realism) ($14) (edition of 150)

Bryan Eubanks-The Bornholmer Suite (Nueni) ($15)

Bryan Eubanks-Intrinsic, Vol. 1 (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

Bryan Eubanks/Joe Foster-D=D (Sacred Realism) ($25) (391 page hardcover book with CD, heavy to ship, more info at

Bryan Eubanks/Hong Chulki-Proper Motions (Celadon) ($13)

Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn-Drums Saxophone Electronics (Intonema) ($15)

Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn-Energy (Of) (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Bryan Eubanks/David Kendall-Bryan Eubanks/David Kendall (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

Bryan Eubanks/Ryu Hankil-777 (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Bryan Eubanks/Stéphane Rives-fq (Potlatch) ($15)

Morgan Evans-Weiler-Unfinished Variations (for Jed Speare) (Weighter) ($13)


Kai Fagaschinski/Bernhard Gal-Going Round In Serpentines (Charhizma) ($15)

Kai Fagaschinski/Christof Kurzmann (Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone)-First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Quincunx Sound Recordings) ($15)

Rebecca (Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Renkel)-Variation No. 12 (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-The Dark Side of Success (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-In Doubt We Trust (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-Mainstream (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Ferran Fages-Al Voltant D'Un Paral.lel (Etude) ($13)

Ferran Fages-Cancons Per A Un Lent Retard (Etude Records) ($13)

Ferran Fages-For Pau Torres (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 300)

Ferran Fages-Life Best Under Your Seat (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Ferran Fages-Llavi Vell (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Patrick Farmer-Yew Grotesque (Compost And Height) (book) ($13)

*Patrick Farmer/David Lacey-Pell-Mell The Prolix (Caduc) ($12) (CDr)

Patrick Farmer/David Lacey-Pictures of Men (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Patrick Farmer/Dominic Lash-Bestiaries (Cathnor) ($14)

Sylvia Fassler/Billy Roisz-Skylla (Editions Mego) ($16)

Tim Feeney-Caroline (Weighter) ($13)

*Morton Feldman-Crippled Symmetry: at June in Buffalo (Frozen Reeds) (2 CDs) ($23)

Morton Feldman-Morton Feldman (Edition RZ) ($16)

*Fennesz-Black Sea (Touch) ($15)

*Fennesz-Hotel Paral.lel (Editions Mego) ($16) (2007 remastered version with bonus track and video)

*Fennesz-Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56' 37" Minus Sixteen Degrees 51'08" (Touch) ($16)

*Luc Ferrari (w/ eRikm)-Et tournent les sons (Cesare) ($14)

Luc Ferrari-Unheimlich Schön (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Filament-29092000 (Amoebic) ($19)

Klaus Filip/Toshimaru Nakamura-Aluk (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Klaus Filip/Toshimaru Nakamura/Andrea Neumann/Ivan Palacky-Messier Objects (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Ease (Klaus Filip/Noid)-No No No, No (Mikroton) ($14)

Klaus Filip/Dafne Vicente-Sandoval-remoto (Potlatch) ($15)

Flaming Ears-Ursula Purrer, A Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Steve Flato-Salon De Flato (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Formanex-Pic-nic (fibrr) ($12)

*Joe Foster-Ethics (self-released solo) (CD-R) ($15) (last copies!)

Joe Foster/Hong Chulki/Takahiro Kawaguchi/Ryu Hankil-Oscillation Vacillation (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Jarrod Fowler/Taku Unami-Species Pluralis (No Schools) (USB) ($19) (around 2 hours long, this is the complete series from this duo)

Robin Fox-Backscatter (Synaesthesia) (PAL DVD - WILL NOT PLAY ON NTSC MACHINES) ($15)

Fraufraulein (Billy Gomberg/Anne Guthrie)-Extinguishment (Another Timbre) ($14)

French Family Fun (Jean Paul Jenkins and Bryan Eubanks) (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

*Jürg Frey-L'ame Est Sans Retenue III [1997 - 2000] (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (electronic music, composed and realized by Frey)

Jürg Frey-Circles and Landscapes (Another Timbre) ($14) (for piano, performed by Philip Thomas)

Jürg Frey-Collection Gustave Roud (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by Jürg Frey, Dante Boon, Stefan Thut, Andrew McIntosh and others)

*Jürg Frey-Ephemeral Constructions (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-Grizzana and Other Pieces 2009-2014 (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by a septet including Jürg Frey)

*Jürg Frey-Guitarist Alone (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by Cristián Alvear)

*Jürg Frey-Landschaft Mit Wörtern (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Jürg Frey-More or Less (New Focus) ($14) (perfromed by

Jürg Frey-120 Pieces Of Sound (elsewhere) ($14)

Jürg Frey-Pianist, Alone (Irritable Hedgehog) ($19) (2 CDs) (performed by Andy Lee)

Jürg Frey-Piano Music (Irritable Hedgehog) ($14)

ürg Frey-String Quartet No, 3/Unhörbare Zeit (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-String Quartets (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-Weites Land, Tiefe Zeit: Räume 1-8 (B-Boim Records) (8 individual CDrs) ($100)

Jürg Frey/Magnus Granberg-Early to Late (Another Timbre) ($14) (one lengthy piece from each composer, performed by Ensemble Grizzana, including both composers)

Reinhold Friedl-Mutanza (Bolt/Bocian) ($15)

*Cor Fuhler-Puzzle 2 (Conundrom) (CDr) ($12) (various leftover pieces totalling 74:01)

Cor Fuhler-Stengam (Potlatch) ($15)


Ivan Ladislav Galeta-Obsession: Structuring Time and Space (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Margarida Garcia/Mattin-For Permitted Consumption (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Margarida Garcia/Barry Weisblat-Loran (Quakebasket) ($13)

Miguel A. Garcia-choirs (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Bertrand Gauguet-Shiro (Herbal) ($14)

Bertrand Gauguet/Franz Hautzinger/Thomas Lehn-Close Up (Monotype) ($15)

Jeff Gburek-The Black Transparency, Volume II (Orphan Sound) (CDr) ($9)

Jeff Gburek-Djalma Primordial Science: The Only Escape Is A Dream (Orphan Sound) (CDr) ($9)

Michael Gendreau-vitoj (Auscultare/Ground Fault) ($10)

*Gibson/Recoder/Block-Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure (Sedimental) (DVD-R) ($29) (limited edition, custom-made packaging, act fast if interested as I didn't get many copies)

Joe Gilmore-On Quasi-Convergence and Quiet Spaces (Cut) ($14)

God-Anti-Sex Anti-Wiretapping (Made In Taiwan) (Gameboy/Little Enjoyer) ($12)

*God-Each One Confinement Force (Rasbliutto) (CD-R) ($11)

GOO-s/t (fibrr) ($12)

Granular Synthesis-Remixes For Single Screen (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Tomaž Grom-Sam, Za... (Zavod Sploh/l'innomable) ($11)

Tomaž Grom/Seijiro Murayama-Nepretrganost (l'innomable) ($11) (new release!)

Christine Groult-L'Heure Alors S'incline... (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Grzinic/Smid-A Selection of Video Works from 1990-2003 (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Anthony Guerra-Empty Kingdoms (Black Petal) ($12)

*Anthony Guerra/Paul Hood/Joel Stern-Low Resistance Group (PARAdisc) ($13)

Anthony Guerra/Mark Sadgrove-Iron Sand (Black Petal) ($12)

Anthony Guerra/Nishide Takehiro-Scopa Possibilities (TwoThousandAnd) (CDr) ($12)

Jean-Luc Guionnet-LAC (Lake) (Herbal) ($14)

Jean-Luc Guionnet-Non-Organic Bias (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Dedalus-Distances Ouïes Dites (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Eric La Casa-Home: Handover (Potlatch) (4 CDs) ($31)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Idiophonic (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Mishima, Day & Night (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Window Dressing (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Toshimaru Nakamura-MAP (Potlatch) ($15)

*Arek Gulbenkoglu-End-music (no label) ($14) (CDr) (edition of 77)

Arek Gulbenkoglu-Of Cruelty (Tristes Tropiques) ($13) (CDr) (edition of 77)

Arek Gulbenkoglu-Points Alone (Impermanent) ($14)

Arek Gulbenkoglu/Dale Gorfinkel-Vibraphone/Snare (Avant Whatever) (CDr) (numbered edition of 100, disc is 21:12 long) ($11)

Arek Gulbenkoglu/Adam Sussmann (The Rhizome Label) (CDr) ($12)

Bernhard Günter-Impossible Grey (Metamkine) (3" CDr) ($5)

Anne Guthrie/Barry Chabala-Preston Hollow (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

Anne Guthrie/Seymour Wright-Chelsea Bridge (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 300)


Haco-Stereo Bugscope 00 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Haco/Toshiya Tsunoda-TramVibration (skiti) ($16)

Graham Halliwell-Recorded Delivery (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)

*Graham Halliwell/Tomas Korber-The Large Glass (Cathnor) ($15)

Graham Halliwell/Lee Patterson-Terrain (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12)

Hammeriver (Cooper/Abrahams/Kurzmann/Delius/Thomas/Dafeldecker/Buck) (Mikroton) ($14)

Shoji Hano-48 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

*Michael Hartman - Emi Semi Umi (Field Recordings From Japan) (Boxmedia) (CDr) ($10)

*Russell Haswell-Live Salvage 1997-2000 (Mego) ($14)

Russell Haswell and Florian Hecker-Blackest Ever Black (WEA Classics) ($28)

Chihei Hatakeyama-Too Much Sadness (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Franz Hautzinger/Masahiko Okura/Tetuzi Akiyama-Rebuses (Monotype) ($15)

Andy Hayleck/Bonnie Jones-45:35 (CDr) ($11)

Helll-Pi (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Sarah Hennies/Tim Feeney-Nests (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13)

Sarah Hennies/Clay Odom/Sean O'Neill (Weighter) ($13) (60 minute region-free DVD, comes with a DL code for separate audio also)

Sarah Hennies/Greg Stuart-Rundle (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Kato Hideki/Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura-Omni (Presqu'ile) ($16)

*Kato Hideki/James Fei-Sieves (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Keiko Higuchi/Shin-ichiro Kanda-Passing and Longing and There Is Only a Trace Left (Ftarri Uta/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Shuta Hiraki/Radio ensembles Aiida/Zhu Wenbo/Zhao Cong/Leo Okagawa-Ftarri Fukubukuro 2018 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

*Takahiro Hirama-thr eat rhy thm (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Takahiro Hirama/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Kanichiro Oda/Takefumi Naoshima-3 (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Junji Hirose-No-Instrument Air Noise (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Junji Hirose-SSI-4 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Junji Hirose-SSI-5 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Junji Hirose-SSI-6 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Hive Mind-Death Tone (Hanson) ($11)

Manfred Hofer-Nuora (Artonal/Charhizma) (Charhizma) ($15)

*Nick Hoffman-Bruiser (Pilgrim Talk) (CD-R) ($11)

Nick Hoffman-Necropolis (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Nick Hoffman-Salamander (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Hong Chulki-Without Cartridge/With Cartridge (Balloon & Needle) (double 3" CDr) ($12)

*Hong Chulki/Tetuzi Akiyama/Jin Sangtae (Dotolim Live Series) ($16)

Hong Chulki/Jin Sangtae/Kevin Parks-音影 (Celadon) ($13)

Hototogisu-Brooming Mephitic Blast (Live in Porto) (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Earl Howard-Pele’s Tears (Random Acoustics) ($15)

Howlin' Ghost Proletarians (Michel Henritzi/Fabrice Eglin)-Dead Roads (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Keith Hudson-Playing It Cool and Playing It Right (Basic Replay) ($15) (one of the best few dub discs ever made, fantastic!)

William Hutson-Six Or Seven Steps To The Door: Solo Improvisations (A Wave Press) ($12)


*I Treni Inerti (Ruth Barberán/Alfredo Costa Monteiro)-Ura (Creative Sources) ($14)

Wakana Ikeda/Yoko Ikeda/Aya Naito/Masahiko Okura/Taku Sugimoto-Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (five pieces by Frey/Pisaro/Beuger)

Illogical Harmonies (Johnny Chang/Mike Majkowski)-Circuit (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Kazuo Imai-For Tentou Mishima (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Kazuo Imai-The Seasons Ill (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Kazuo Imai/Roger Turner-Molecules (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 400)

IMF (Ian M Fraser)-Harlem Electronics (Pilgrim Talk) (C15 casssette) ($6)

IST (Rhodri Davies/Simon H. Fell/Mark Wastell)-Berlin (Confront) ($11) (CDr) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

IST (Rhodri Davies/Simon H. Fell/Mark Wastell)-Lodi (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)


Catherine Jauniaux/ErikM-Mal Des Ardents/Pantoneon (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21)

JP Jenkins/Joe Foster-Money Desert (self-released) ($12)

*Jeph Jerman-The Angle of Repose (no label) (CDr) ($10) (new 2009 release!)

Jeph Jerman-Cassette (Little Enjoyer) (C60 cassette) ($9)

Jeph Jerman-@STUK (no label) (CDr) ($10)

*Jeph Jerman/Jon Mueller-Nodes and Anti-Nodes (Crouton) (DVD) ($15)

Jeph Jerman/Doug Theriault-Tathata (Nitkie) ($10)

Jin Sangtae-d ear (popmusic25) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100) Jin Sangtae-Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

*Jin Sangtae-Sacrifice 2 (Ghost & Son) (3" CDr) ($8)

Dennis Johnson-November (Invisible Hedgehog/Penultimate Press) (4 CD box) ($37)

A.F. Jones-Languor Yields (2 Compositions) (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($11)

A.F. Jones-Rearward Through Forgottenness (Laminal Audio) (CDr) ($12)

Daniel Jones-When On and Off Collide (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Daniel Jones/Barry Chabala-Undercurrents (Roeba) (CDr) ($10)

ju sei w/Utah Kawasaki/Masahiro Okura/Michael Thieke-Live at Ftarri Festival 2015 (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Phil Julian/Ben Owen-Between Landing (Auditory Field Theory/Authorised Version) ($13)

Yan Jun-Music For Listening on The Moon (Kwanyin/Subjam) ($14)

Hsia Yu/Yan Jun-7 Poems And Some Tinnitus (CD/book) (Sub Jam) ($26)


Gintas K-untitled (Copy For Your Records) (44 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Jason Kahn-Beautiful Ghost Wave (Herbal) ($14)

Jason Kahn-Broken Place (Copy For Your Records) (73 minute cassette) ($7) (numbered edition of 50)

Jason Kahn-Things Fall Apart (Herbal) ($14)

Jason Kahn-Vanishing Point (23Five) ($15)

Jason Kahn/Asher-Planes (Mikroton) ($14)

Jason Kahn/Richard Francis-self-titled (Monochrome Vision) ($15)

Jason Kahn/Jason Lescalleet-Red Room (Chloë) ($12)

Jason Kahn/Takefumi Naoshima-In A Room (Winds Measure) ($13)

Jason Kahn/Ryu Hankil-Circle (Celadon) (2 CDs) ($19)

Jason Kahn/Ryu Hankil/Park Seungjun/Jin Sangtae/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Dotolim (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Christian Wolfarth-Limmat (Mikroton) ($14)

*Kalorifeur-Within The Hermitage (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Richard Kamerman-I Stayed In The Apartment For Thirty-Two Days Without Leaving (Copy For Your Records) (3" CD-R) ($7)

Richard Kamerman-None For The Money (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Richard Kamerman-Prophethead (CDr) ($7)

Margareth Kammerer-Why Is The Sea So Blue (Mikroton) ($14) (recorded in 2006 w/Kurzmann, Stangl, Dörner, etc., remixed in 2011 by Valerio Tricoli)

Satoshi Kanda/Nick Hoffman-Cockroach Boy (Pilgrim Talk) (CD-R) ($9)

Ernst Karel-Heard Laboratories (and/Oar) ($13)

Ernst Karel/Annette Krebs-Falter 1-5 (Cathnor) ($14)

Zbigniew Karkowski-Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Zbigniew Karkowski-IT (Mego) (3"CD) ($8)

*Zbigniew Karkowski/Daniel Menche-Unleash (Alien8) ($15)

Zbigniew Karkowski/Kasper T. Toeplitz-Le Depeupleur (Recordings Of Sleaze Art) ($15)

*Grundik Kasyansky-Light and Roundchair (Creative Sources) ($12)

*Takahiro Kawaguchi-n (Hibari) ($15)

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Choi Joonyong-Suncheon Hyanggyo (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Shinjiro Yamaguchi-Hello (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Utah Kawasaki-U As In Utah (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($22) (trio with the duo Ju Sei, indescribable mix of experimental and pop textures, kaleidoscopic in range)

Greg Kelley-Self-Hate Index (Semata) ($12)

Greg Kelley-Trumpet (Meniscus) ($13)

Greg Kelley/Jason Lescalleet-Conversations (Glistening Examples) ($11)

*Greg Kelley vs. Mr. Dorgon-Three Occasions CDr ($10)

Fergus Kelly-A Congregation Of Vapours (Farpoint) ($13)

*Fergus Kelly/David Lacey-Bevel (Room Temperature) (CDr) ($10)

Mazen Kerbaj/Andrew Lafkas/Mike Bullock-Funkhaus (Fine Noise & Light) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 200)

Mazen Kerbaj/Toshimaru Nakamura-East Of Where? (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Keroaän (Ian M Fraser/Reed Evan Rosenberg)-Daunting In Its Variousness: First In A Suite Of An Indeterminate Number of Pieces (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($8)

Kostis Kilymis-Accumulated (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (CDr) ($10)

Kostis Kilymis-More Noise Ahead (Entr'acte/Organized Music from Thessaloniki) ($13)

*Kazushige Kinoshita-Segments (Slub) ($15)

*Kazushige Kinoshita/Masahiko Okura/Masafumi Ezaki-Kenon (Creative Sources) ($14)

Masamichi Kinoshita/Tomoki Tai/Takumi Ikeda/Takuya Harashima-Electric Powered Music Concert (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

David Kirby-Cittakarnera (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Campbell Kneale/Mattin (CON-V) (CDr) ($10)

Koboku Senju (Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/Espen Reinertsen/Eivind Lonning/Martin Taxt)-Selektiv Hogst (Sofa) ($16)

*Makigami Koichi-Moon Ether (Doubt Music) ($19)

*Toshihiro Koike-The Frog In The Well Knows Nothing of the Great Ocean (Tenseless) ($16)

Tomas Korber/Utah Kawasaki-Pocket Size Isolationism (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Tomas Korber/Günter Müller/Steinbrüchel-momentan def. (Cut) ($14)

Tomas Korber/Gert-Jan Prins-RI 1.5442 (Cavity) ($16) (edition of 337)

Tomas Korber/Bernd Schurer-250904 (Balloon & Needle) (CDr) ($12)

Tomas Korber/Dan Warburton-Conspiracy Theory (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Christian Wolfarth-Mersault (Quakebasket) ($13)

Glenn Kotche-Next (Quakebasket) ($12)

Katsuyoshi Kou/Satoshi Hironaka-State, State, State (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Katsuyoshi Kou/Toshimaru Nakamura-3 Amps (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Madoka Kouno-inside-out, outside-in (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Dariusz Kowalski-Optical Vacuum (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Tomasz Krakowiak-Moulins (Bocian) ($15)

Kurt Kren-Action Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Kurt Kren-Which Way to CA? (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Ulrich Krieger-Up and Down 23 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Philip Krumm-Formations (IDEA) ($10) (performed by 'Blue' Gene Tyranny in 1968)

Yoshio Kuge-The Fist (Hibari) ($15)

Christof Kurzmann-The Air Between (Charhizma) ($14)

Kurzmann/Vandermark/Reiter/Thomas/Brandlmayr-El Infierno Musical (Mikroton) ($14)


Eric La Casa-AIR.ratio (Swarming) ($14)

Eric La Casa-Paris Quotidien (Swarming) ($16) (CD and 60 page booklet)

Eric La Casa-Secousses Panoramiques (Hibari) (3" CD) ($10)

Eric La Casa-Soundtracks (Herbal) ($14)

Eric La Casa-W2 (Water and Wind) (1998-2008) (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Eric La Casa/Jean-Luc Guionnet-Inscape. Lille-Flandres (Monotype) ($15)

Eric La Casa/Cedric Peyronnet-La Creuse (Herbal) ($14)

Eric La Casa/Cedric Peyronnet-Zones Portuaires (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Brandon Labelle-Automatic Radio (Fringes) ($14)

Brandon Labelle-Techné (A Bruit Secret) ($11)

Brandon LaBelle/Steve Roden-The Opening Of The Field (Digital Narcis) ($12)

Diane Labrosse/Ikue Mori/Martin Tétreault-île bizarre (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Diane Labrosse/Martin Tétreault/Haco-Lunch In Nishinomiya (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

David Lacey/Paul Vogel-The British Isles (Homefront) (CDr) ($12)

Graham Lambkin-Came To Call Mine (book) (Penultimate Press) ($34)

Corey Larkin–Raw Data Studies (Copy For Your Records) (3" CD-R) ($7)

Dominic Lash/Will Montgomery-Real As Any Place You've Been/Thames Water Live (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

*Maria Lassnig-Animation Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga-Stroke By Stroke Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($11)

*Lee Hangjun/Hong Chulki-Expanded Celluloid/Extended Photograph (Balloon & Needle) (DVD) ($19)

Ingrid Lee-Mouth to Mouth (Another Timbre) (CD-R) ($12)

Yann Leguay-Quasi Static Crack Propagation (Consumer Waste) ($15) (CD in an oversized sleeve, edition of 150)

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler-Neue Bilder (Mikroton) ($14)

*Lemur-Aegean (+3db) ($15)

Jason Lescalleet-Almost Is Almost Good Enough (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (reissue of a limited edition 2017 cassette with an added bonus track)

Jason Lescalleet-Mattresslessness (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (remastered reissue of a great early Lescalleet CD from 2002, originally on Cut)

*Jason Lescalleet-This Is What I Do, Volume One (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Jason Lescalleet-This Is What I Do, Volume 11 (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (Jason's DJ Screw tribute, my favorite of the TIWID series)

Jason Lescalleet-To The Teeth (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (remastered reissue of a great small edition CD from 2005)

Jason Lescalleet-Trophy Tape (Glistening Examples) (DVD) ($14) (13 videos by 13 artists for the 13 tracks on disc 1 of Songs About Nothing, amazing packaging)

Lethe-Catastrophe Point #7 & #8 (Invisible Birds) (2 CDs) ($18)

George Lewis & Splitter Orchester-Creative Construction Set (Mikroton) ($14) (all-star Berlin orchestra featuring Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Kai Fagaschinski, Andrea Neumann, Michael Thieke, Burkhard Beins and many others)

*LHZ+H (Lehn/Hubsch/Zoubek/Hautzinger)-Scope (Monotype) ($15)

Alan Licht-A New York Minute (XI) (2 CDs) ($15)

Looper (Nikos Veliotis/Martin Küchen/Ingar Zach)-Dying Sun (Cathnor/Another Timbre) ($14)

Looper/John Tilbury-Mass (Esquilo) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($20)

*Francisco Lopez-Wasps (Longbox) (3"CD) ($8)

Gabi Losoncy-Nobody's Pushing You (Caduc) ($15) (CDr w/ 12 page color booklet) (edition of 100)

*Lucier/Wolff/Schlothauer/Frey-EWR 9608 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Jürg Frey)

Lugosi (Campbell Kneale, etc.)-Dawn (CMR) ($12)


*eRikm-Frame (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($7)

eRikm-Lux Payllettes (Entr'acte) ($15)

eRikm-Monofacemirror (Sonoris) ($10)

eRikm-Sixperiodes (Sirr) ($13)

eRikm-Variations Opportunistes (Ronda) ($10)

eRikm/Martin Brandlmayr-Ecotone (Mikroton) ($14) (edition of 300)

eRikm/Michel Doneda-Razine (Monotype) ($15)

eRikm/Norbert Möslang-Stodgy (Mikroton) ($14)

eRikm/Günter Müller/Toshimaru Nakamura-Why Not Béchamel (For 4 Ears) ($12)

eRikm/Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-Trace Cuts (Musica Genera) ($14)

Sachiko M-Bar Sachiko (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Sachiko M-Salon de Sachiko (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Massimo Magee-Poussez (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Luciano Maggiore/Enrico Malatesta-Talabalacco (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Mike Majkowski-Bright Astonishment Of The Night (Bocian) ($15)

Enrico Malatesta-Benandare (Weighter) ($13)

J.O. Mallander-Extended Play/Decompositions (Anoema) ($13)

*Radu Malfatti-Cafe Oto 1 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Dominic Lash-bass and Malfatti-sine waves)

Radu Malfatti-Claude Lorrain 1 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) (new 2008 release, for trombone solo and sinewaves, performed by Malfatti) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-darenootodesuka (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Beuger/Frey/Kaiser/Malfatti/Pisaro/Schlothauer in Nov 2011)

*Radu Malfatti-Das Pelzige M (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Die Temperatur Der Bedeutung (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Radu Malfatti-Düsseldorf Oktett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Düsseldorf Vielfaches (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (2007 recording/composition, for 2 clarinets, 3 violins, viola, 2 violoncelloes, 2 flutes, trombone, 2 guitars, vibraphone and one pianostring with credit card)

Radu Malfatti-Friedrichshofquartett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Himmelgeister 19 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Hitsudan (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Cristián Alvear and Dominic Lash)

*Radu Malfatti-Hoffinger Nonett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Hoffingerquartett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

*Radu Malfatti-L'Effacage (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (2008 release, for four bass drums, performed by Sarah Hennies)

Radu Malfatti-Kid Ailack 5 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) (2008 release, performed by Malfatti/Sugimoto/Unami/Beuger/Werder, recorded live in Tokyo in 11/2007) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Nonostante II (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Nonostante III (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Raum-Zeit I (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) 

*Radu Malfatti-Ruten (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Shizuka Ni Furu Ame (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Cristián Alvear)

Radu Malfatti-Wechseljahre Einer Hyane (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Kevin Drumm/Lucio Capece-The Volume Surrounding The Task (Potlatch) ($15)

Radu Malfatti/Jurg Frey/Michael Pisaro-Three Backgrounds (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Ricardo Guerreiro/Ernesto Rodriguez-Shimosaki (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Taku Sugimoto-Futatsu (Improvised Music From Japan) (2CD) ($20)

Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami-Goat Vs Donkey (Taumaturgia) (CDr) ($13)

*Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami-Kushikushism (Slub) ($15)

Roberto Mallo/Miguel Prado/Ryu Hankil-Sannakji (Manual/Taumaturgia) ($15)

Lionel Marchetti-Mue (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Lionel Marchetti-Train de nuit (Noord 3-683) (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Lionel Marchetti-23 Formes en Élastique (CD/book) (Sub Jam) ($29)

*Lionel Marchetti/Jean-Baptiste Favory-100 000 Années (Monotype) (2 CDs) ($18) (one CD by each musician)

*Lionel Marchetti/Seijiro Murayama-Hatali Atsalei (l'echange des yeux) (Intransitive) ($12)

Walter Marchetti-Concerto Per La Mano Sinistra In Un Solo Movimento (Alga Marghen) ($19) (performed by Reinier van Houdt)

*Walter Marchetti-De Musicorum Infelicitate (Alga Marghen) ($19)

Marginal Consort-08.09.13 (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) (3 CDs) ($33) (edition of 500)

Lasse Marhaug/Mark Wastell-Kiss of Acid (Monotype) ($15)

*Kaffe Matthews-eb + flo (Annette Works) (2CD) ($17)

Kaffe Matthews/Andrea Neumann/Sachiko M-In Case Of Fire Take The Stairs (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Wade Matthews/Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Winter (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Mattin-Basque Rd. (Document) (CDr) ($13)

*Mattin-Proletarian of Noise (Hibari) ($10)

Mattin/Tim Barnes-Achbal Al Atlas (Little Enjoyer) ($11)

Mattin/Lucio Capece-No More Music (Why Not Ltd) (CDr) ($15)

*Mattin/Cremaster-Barcelona (Audiobot) (CDr) ($10)

Mattin/Taku Unami-Attention (Hibari/w.m.o/r) ($14)

Mara Mattuschka-Iris Scan (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Mawja (Mike Bullock/Mazen Kerbaj/Vic Rawlings)-Live One (Chloë) ($12)

Bohdan Mazurek-Sentinel Hypothesis (Bolt) (2 CDs) ($24)

Roel Meelkop-(onkyo ok) (CMR) ($12)

Roel Meelkop-Numbered Four (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

Daniel Menche-Beautiful Blood (Alien8) ($13)

*Daniel Menche-Eye On The Steel (Alien8) ($13)

Sergio Merce-Microtonal Saxophone (Potlatch) ($15)

Mersault (Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Christian Wolfarth)-Raymond & Marie (Formed Records) ($12)

Emmanuel Mieville/Eric Cordier-Dispositif: Canal Saint-Martin (Xing-Wu) ($14)

*Christof Migone-Quieting (Alien8) ($13)

mimi secue-forst (Karate Joe) ($14)

MIMEO-Wigry (Monotype/Bolt) (2 LPs) ($27)

Philippe Mion-Confidence (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Mites-It's Something, But It's Not Tomorrow (no label) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 45, last copies!)

Mites-Passing Resemblance (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Naoaki Miyamoto-Me no Tawamure (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

MkM (Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Norbert Möslang)‎–instants//paris (Mikroton) ($14)

MkM (Günter Müller/Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang)-mkm_msa (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Ilya Monosov-Architectures On Air And Other Works (Elevator Bath) ($15)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Anatomy Of Inner Place (Monotype) ($15)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Aura (Etude) ($13)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Epicycle (Etude) ($12)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Miguel A. Garcia-Aq'Ab'Al (Mikroton) ($14)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ben Owen-Frele A Vide (Contour Editions) (CD-R) ($11)

*Gen Ken Montgomery-Pondfloorsample (XI) (2CD) ($12)

Yasumune Morishige/Yoko Ikeda/Takashi Masubuchi-Shade (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Gertrude Moser-Wagner-Concept & Coincidence (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Norbert Möslang-burst_log (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Norbert Möslang-header_change (Cut) ($14)

Bruce Mowson-Static Tones (Cajid Media) ($12)

Günter Müller-Buenos Aires Tapes (Monotype) (2 CDs) ($18) (one CD with Alan Courtis and Pablo Reche, one CD with Sergio Merce and Gabriel Paiuk)

Günter Müller-Cym_Bowl (Mikroton) ($14)

Günter Müller-Live & Replayed (Esquilo) (2CDr) ($16)

Tham Kar Mun/Yandsen/Yeoh Yin Pin-Shàng (Xing-Wu) ($12)

Seijiro Murayama-Broken Iteration (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Seijiro Murayama-Downdate (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Seijiro Murayama-The Empire Of Slip Of The Tongue (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Seijiro Murayama/Masafumi Ezaki/Kazushige Kinoshita-Ready'n (Tenseless) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Kazushige Kinoshita-59:01.68 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (handnumbered edition of 500)

Seijiro Murayama/Toshihiro Koike/Martin Taxt-Duo and Trio (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Seijiro Murayama/Eric La Casa-Paris: Public Spaces (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Seijiro Murayama/Eric La Casa-Supersedure (Hibari) ($15)

*Seijiro Murayama/Michael Northam-Moriendo Renascor (Xing-Wu) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Stéphane Rives-Axiom For The Duration (Potlatch) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/soundworm-Space and Place (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (limited edition of 500)

*Seijiro Murayama/Toshiya Tsunoda-Snared 60 Cuts (skiti) ($16)

Murmer-Framework 1-4 (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Brendan Murray-Commonwealth (23Five) ($15)

Brendan Murray-Wonders Never Cease (Intransitive) ($12)

Brendan Murray/Mike Shiflet-Sentimental Gentlemen (SRA) (CDr) (edition of 150) ($11) *Music Now Ensemble 1969-Silver Pyramid (Matchless) ($18)


Toshimaru Nakamura-Dance Music (Bottrop-Boy) ($17)

Toshimaru Nakamura-Side Guitar (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Nicholas Bussmann-I Know How You Frown (SubJam/KwanYin) ($17)

Toshimaru Nakamura/John Butcher-Dusted Machinery (Monotype) ($15)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Ken Ikeda/Tomoyoshi Date-Ink On Paper (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Brett Larner-After School Activity (Impermanent Recordings) ($13)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Sean Meehan-From Tour (Quakebasket) ($14)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Martin Taxt-Listening to the Footsteps of Living Ones Who Are Still on the Ground (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Mark Trayle-Stationary (Creative Sources) ($12)

Hideki Nakazawa-Music Works Concert (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Takefumi Naoshima-I'll Keep It With Mine (Encadre) (2 CD-Rs) ($16)

Takefumi Naoshima-Three Lines (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Takefumi Naoshima/Hirozumi Takeda/Utah Kawasaki/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Toshihiro Koike/Takahiro Kawaguchi/Yasuo Totsuka-Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Narthex (Marc Baron/Loic Blairon)-Formnction (Potlatch) ($15)

Negative Entropy-MS Stubnitz-Stockholm, 9.07.1998 (Absurd) ($10)

Seth Nehil-Flock & Tumble (Sonoris) ($14)

Seth Nehil-Uva (20City) (3" CD) ($7)

Manfred Neuwirth-[ma] Trilogy (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Martin Ng & Jim Denley-Vergency (Grob) ($14)

NG4 Quartet (Keith Rowe/Anthony Taillard/Emmanuel Leduc/Julien Ottavi)-A Quartet For Guitars (Mikroton) ($14)

BJ Nilsen/Stilluppsteypa-Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna (Helen Scarsdale Agency) ($14)

*BJ Nilsen/Stilluppsteypa-Passing Out (Helen Scarsdale Agency) ($14)

nmperign (Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley)-nmperign (Selektion) ($13)

*nmperign (Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley)-Ommatidia (Intransitive) ($13)

nmperign/Jason Lescalleet-Love Me Two Times (Intransitive) (2 CDs) ($19)

No Hermanos Carrasco (Edén Carrasco/Nicolás Carrasco)-Mímesis/Intemperie (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

*Jérôme Noetinger-dR (PiedNu) ($16) (Jérôme's first solo record ever!)

Noid-Monodigmen (Artonal) ($12)

Noid-You're Not Here (Hibari) ($14)

Luigi Nono-20 Jahre Inventionen V (Edition RZ) ($16)

Luigi Nono-Seguente (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($32)

Nos Phillipe-Shh...Camille (Confront Collectors Series) (CD is 23:08 long) ($12)


Oceans of Silver and Blood (Joachim Nordwall/Mark Wastell)-Live at Cafe Oto (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12)

Kanichiro Oda/Takefumi Naoshima/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Takahiro Hirama-2 (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Off-Cells (Kawaguchi/Kawasaki/Unami/Murayama)-60/40 (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Paul O'Hara-Senseless Acts Of Beauty (Sonoris) ($10)

Leo Okagawa-in the quiet room (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

Itaru Oki-Phantom Note (Doubt Music) ($19) (reissue of classic Japanese free jazz LP from 1975) Masahiko Okura-Time Service (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Masahiko Okura/Utah Kawasaki/Tetuzi Akiyama-bject (Hibari Music) ($15)

Tim Olive/Nick Hoffman-No Flag (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Tim Olive/Ben Owen-63-66 (845 Audio) ($13)

*The Olivia Tremor Control-Black Foliage:Animation Music (Cloud) ($12)

Optrum-Recorded (Headz) ($16)

Jim O'Rourke-Rules Of Reduction (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Makoto Oshiro-Phenomenal World (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($22)

*Matthew Ostrowski-Vertebra (Pogus) ($11)

Other Vultures (Billy Gomberg/Richard Kamerman)-Intensify Your Interests (Copy For Your Records) (37 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

*Otomo Yoshihide-Anode (Tzadik) ($15)

Otomo Yoshihide-Core Anode (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Otomo Yoshihide-Digital Tranquilizer Ver. 1.01 (F.M.N. Sound Factory) (3"CD) ($7)

Otomo Yoshihide-Ensemble Cathode (Improvised Music from Japan) ($14)

Otomo Yoshihide-Guitar Solo (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide-Modulation With 2 Electric Guitars and 2 Amplifiers (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide-Music For DanceArt Hong Kong's Memory Disorder (Noise Asia) ($14)

*Otomo Yoshihide-Multiple Otomo (Asphodel) (CD + DVD) ($20)

Otomo Yoshihide-Turntable Solo (Alcohol) (3" CD) ($9)

Otomo Yoshihide/Park Je Chun/Mi Yeon (w/ Günter Müller/Tanaka Yumiko/Sachiko M)-Loose Community (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Otomo Yoshihide/Shimada Masahiko-My Dear Mummy (Charhizma) ($15)

*Otomo Yoshihide/Sim-Monte Alto Estate (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide/Nobukazu Takemura-Turntables and Computers (Headz) ($16)

*Julien Ottavi-Nervure Magnetique (Sigma) ($12)

Ben Owen-Turning (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 200)


P.D.-Inweglos (Absurd) ($12)

Joe Panzner-Polished Rocks (Gameboy) (CDr) ($12)

Joe Panzner/Greg Stuart + Jason Brogan/Sam Sfirri-Harness (Lengua de Lava) (C60 cassette) ($12) (edition of 100) (split cassette featuring long live pieces from each of these duos, beautiful design by Matthew Revert)

Evan Parker/Keith Rowe-Dark Rags (Potlatch) ($15)

Kevin Parks/Joe Foster-Acts Have Consequences (self-released) ($23) (2 CDs)

Kevin Parks/Joe Foster-ipsi sibi somnia fingunt (self-released) ($13)

Partial (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Clayton Mills)-LL (Another Timbre) ($13)

Lee Patterson-Egg Fry #2 (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Lee Patterson/Vanessa Rossetto-Temperament as Waveform (Another Timbre) ($13)

Perlonex-Peripherique (Zarek) ($13)

Perlonex/Charlemagne Palestine-It Ain't Necessarily So (Zarek) (2 CDs) ($25)

*Jan Peters-...but I still haven't figured out the meaning of life (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Dominique Petitgand-10 Petites Compositions Familiales (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Anastassis Philippakopoulos-Songs and Piano Pieces (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Field Recordings (Little Enjoyer) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Ghi Âm Việt Nam (Little Enjoyer) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Insect (Digitally Destroyed Daffodil) ($14)

Simon James Phillips-Blage 3 (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (edition of 350)

*Phosphor-Phosphor (Potlatch) ($15)

Phosphor-Phosphor II (Potlatch) ($15)

Michael Pilz-Facts for Fiction / Parco delle Rimembranze (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Robert Piotrowicz-Lasting Clinamen (Musica Genera) ($14)

Robert Piotrowicz/Burkhard Stangl/Anna Zaradny-Can't Illumination (Musica Genera) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-asleep, street, pipes, tones (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-black, white, red, green, blue (voyelles) (Winds Measure) (2 CDs) ($22) (edition of 300)

Michael Pisaro-close constellations and a drum on the ground (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Closed Categories in Cartesian Worlds (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Continuum Unbound (Gravity Wave) ($50) (triple CD box set, includes a 12 page color booklet with liner notes from Pisaro) (disc 3 features contributions from Greg Stuart, Toshiya Tsunoda, Patrick Farmer and Joe Panzner) (edition of 500)

Michael Pisaro-Étant donnés (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-fields have ears (6) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

*Michael Pisaro-harmony series 11-16 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 1 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 2 (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 3 (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-July Mountain (three versions) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Melody, Silence (Potlatch) ($15) (performed by Cristian Alvear)

Michael Pisaro-The Middle of Life (Die ganze Zeit) (Gravity Wave) ($14) (featuring Oswald Egger and Julia Holter, with appearances by Graham Lambkin and Taku Sugimoto, among others)

Michael Pisaro-Mind Is Moving 1 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Michael Pisaro-A Mist Is a Collection of Points (New World) ($16) (performed by Philip Bush and Greg Stuart)

Michael Pisaro-Nature Denatured and Found Again (Gravity Wave) ($60) (five CD box set, includes a 24 page color booklet with liner notes from Pisaro) (set features contributions from Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Marcus Kaiser, Radu Malfatti, André O. Möller, Kathryn Pisaro and Michael Pisaro) (edition of 500)

Michael Pisaro-The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Resting in a Fold of the Fog (Potlatch) ($15)

Michael Pisaro-ricefall (2) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Tombstones (Human Ear) ($16) (2 additional tracks from the LP version)

Michael Pisaro-Transparent City (Volumes 1 and 2) (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-Transparent City (Volumes 3 and 4) (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-An Unrhymed Chord (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-An Unrhymed Chord (for 25 acoustic guitars) (performed by Barry Chabala) (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

Michael Pisaro-A Wave and Waves (Cathnor) ($14)

*Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto-D minor/Bb major (Slub) ($15) (a 48 minute piece co-composed by Pisaro/Sugimoto and performed by the 16 piece Dog Star Orchestra, including Pisaro/Sugimoto)

Michael Pisaro/Reinier van Houdt-Shades of Eternal Night (Gravity Wave) ($14)

*Pluramon-The Monstrous Surplus (Karaoke Kalk) ($15)

poire_z/Phil Minton-q (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Polwechsel (Dafeldecker/Malfatti/Moser/Stangl)-1 (Hat [Now] Art) ($14)

*Lisl Ponger-Travelling Light (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Miguel Prado-Comedy Apories (Heresy) (CD-R) ($13)

Gert-Jan Prins-Break Before Make (Editions Mego) ($16)

Gert-Jan Prins-Cavity (Cavity) ($16) (limited/signed edition of 250)

Gert-Jan Prins-Live (Grob) ($14)

Gert-Jan Prins-Risk (Mego) (3"CD) ($10)

Gert-Jan Prins/Peter Van Bergen/Fennesz-Dawn (Grob) ($14)

*Prurient-Arrowhead (Editions Mego) ($16)

Prurient/Kevin Drumm-All Are Guests In The House of The Lord (Hospital) ($12)

Pulse Emitter-spokE (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

*Purrer/Scheirl-Super-8-Girl Games (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)



Radian-Chimeric (Thrill Jockey) ($14)

Radian-Juxtaposition (Thrill Jockey) ($14)

Eliane Radigue-Occam Ocean 1 (Shiiin) ($37) (2 CDs)

Radio Cegeste-Three Inclements (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

*Radioda-Rondo (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($10) (edition of 100)

Raglani/Scenic Railroads-Raglani & Scenic Railroads (split) (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Bhob Rainey/Ralf Wehowsky-I Don't Think I Can See You Tonight (Sedimental) ($13)

Vic Rawlings/Mike Bullock-Fall of Song (Chloë) ($12)

Reductive Journal Ensemble-trace of FOUR (Melange) ($15) (edition of 300) (compositions by Frey/Werder/Akama/lo wie performed by an ensemble including Frey/Werder/Akama as well as others)

Rick Reed/Keith Rowe/Bill Thompson-Shifting Currents (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21)

Reluctant Divers-The Theory And Practice Of Resistance To Everyday Life (W.M.O.) (CDr) ($10)

Michael Renkel-Errorkoerper III (Absinth) ($16)

Michael Renkel/Luca Venitucci-Still (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

*Michael Renkel/Sabine Vogel/Magda Mayas-phono_phono (Absinth) ($16)

Oliver Ressler-This is what democracy looks like! / Disobbedienti (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Un Caddie Renversé dans l'Herbe-The Reversed Supermarket Trolley Flies Towards the Rainbow (Lalia) ($12)

Matthew Revert-A Discussion Was Had In Your Absence (Tristes Tropiques) ($13) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Matthew Revert‎-The Inpatient (Round Bale) (C50 cassette) ($9)

Matthew Revert‎–Letters To Friends Of The Late Darcy O'Meara (Round Bale) (C50 cassette) ($9)

Stéphane Rives-Fibres (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Michel Rivet-Embrasement (Sonoris) ($10)

Carol Robinson-Billows (Plush) ($16)

Jozef Robakowski-The Energy Manifesto! (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Steve Roden-Dark Over Light Earth (New Plastic Music) ($13)

Steve Roden-Three Roots Carved To Look Like Stones (Sonoris) ($11)

Michael Rodgers-Curtained Moon (Black Petal) (CDr) ($12)

Rolex a la plage (w.m.o/r) (DVDr) ($10)

*Kristoff K. Roll-Des Travailleurs De La Nuit, À L’amie Des Objets (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Barbara Romen/Kai Fagaschinski/Gunter Schneider-Here Comes The Sun (Mikroton) ($14)

Reed Evan Rosenberg-At The End of An Endless Stream (Accidie) ($7) (C40 cassette) (great computer music!!)

*Marina Rosenfeld-Drop, Hop, Drone, Scratch, Slide & A For Anything (Charhizma) ($15)

Vanessa Rossetto-Fashion Tape (C40 cassette) ($11) (last copies, sold out almost immediately from source)

Vanessa Rossetto-Rocinante (Hologram) ($10) (CDr) (numbered limited edition of 100)

Keith Rowe/Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Tri (Intonema) ($15)

Keith Rowe/Martin Küchen-The Bakery (Mikroton) ($14)

Keith Rowe/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Contour (Mikroton) ($14)

Keith Rowe/John Tilbury-E.E. Tension and Circumstance (Potlatch) ($15)

Marcus Rubio-Music For Microphones (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Ruez-Brise Soleil (Copy For Your Records) (41 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Ruez-She Came From Money (3"CDr) (rar) ($7)

Mathieu Ruhlmann/Chris Strickland-This Heap Is Greater Light (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Constanze Ruhm-Video Works from 1999-2004 (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Arthur Russell-World Of Echo (Audika) ($16)

Walter Ruttmann-Weekend (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Ryu Hankil-Becoming Typewriter (Taumaturgia) (CDr) ($13)

Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Inferior Sounds (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Ryu Hankil/Iida Katsuaki-Selected Poems With Clockworks (Manual) (book/CD) ($24)

Ryu Hankil/Noid/Matija Schellander-Foreign Correspondents (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($22) (edition of 300)

Ryu Hankil/Kim Taeyong/Lee Youngji-profile (Manual) (book/CD) ($24)


Minami Saeki/Wakana Ikeda/Yoko Ikeda/Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut/Manfred Werder-Sextet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Sakada-30 november 2002 (Sound323) (3"CD) ($9)

Sakada-Askatuta (therhizomelabel) (CDr) ($12)

Matthieu Saladin-Intervalles (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Philip Samartzis/Yamamoto Seiichi-Dance (F.M.N. Sound Factory) ($13)

Gil Sansón/Lance Austin Olsen-Works on Paper (elsewhere) ($21) (2 CDs) (edition of 500)

Matt Sargent-Ghost Music (Weighter) ($13)

Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society (Akiyama/Miyamoto/Kawasaki/Ito)-Bloody Imagination (Mikroton) ($14)

*Minoru Sato (m/s, SASW) + ASUNA-Texture in Glass Tubes and Reed Organ (Spekk) ($15)

Minoru Sato/Ami Yoshida-Composition for Voice Performer (1997 and 2007) (ao to ao) (3" CD) ($10)

Sator Rotas (Marcus Schmickler)-Sator Rotas (A-Musik) ($13)

James Saunders-#(Unassigned) (Confront) (2 CDs) ($26)

Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet/Joe Panzner)-Airports & Apartments, Volume 1 (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet/Joe Panzner)-Our Art, Your Nap (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Leo Schatzl-Farrago (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Hans Scheugl-The Seconds Strike Reality (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Ignaz Schick-Tabit (Zarek) (CDr) ($13)

Marcus Schmickler-Demos (For Choir, Chamber Quintet and Electronic Music) (A-Musik) (CD version-$15)

Marcus Schmickler-Demos (For Choir, Chamber Quintet and Electronic Music) (A-Musik) (LP version-$15)

Marcus Schmickler-Param (A-Musik) ($13)

Marcus Schmickler-Rule of Inference (A-Musik) ($14)

Marcus Schmickler/Julian Rohrhuber-Politiken der Frequenz (Tochnit Aleph/Editions Mego) ($15)

Marcus Schmickler/John Tilbury-Timekeepers (A-Musik) ($15)

Marcus Schmickler/John Tilbury-Variety (A-Musik) ($15)

Domenico Sciajno-Broken Bridge (Fringes) ($14)

Domenico Sciajno/Gert-Jan Prins-the d&b album (Bowindo) ($13)

The Sealed Knot (Burkhard Beins/Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell)-Live At Cafe Oto (Confront) ($11) (CDr) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

Segments String Quartet (Kinoshita/Chiba/Ikeda/Kumon)-Sediments (Tenseless) ($16)

Sensorband-Area/Puls (Sonoris) ($10)

Grisha Shakhnes-Choice Ambience (disappearing records) (C36 cassette) ($12) (individually numbered, edition of 60)

Grisha Shakhnes-Distance and Decay (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Grisha Shakhnes-Ghosts (disappearing records) (C62 cassette) ($14) (individually painted sleeves, edition of 100)

Grisha Shakhnes-leave/trace (Glistening Examples) (LP) ($14)

Craig Shepard-On Foot (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Craig Shepard-On Foot: Brooklyn (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Shibatetsu-Plastic Pneuma (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Mike Shiflet-Ichinomiya 5.3.6 (Little Enjoyer/Troniks) ($10)

Mike Shiflet-Llanos (self-released) ($9)

*Mike Shiflet-VCR Live (Gameboy) (CDr) ($11)

Mike Shiflet/Daniel Menche-Stalemate (Sonoris) ($13)

Signal To Noise, Volume 1 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Keiichiro Shibuya/Maria) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 2 (Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Katsura Yamauchi) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 3 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 4 (Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Christian Weber/Katsura Yamauchi) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 5 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Aube) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 6 (Kahn/Korber/Möslang/Müller/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Bae Miryung/Jin Sangtae/Sato Yukie) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Sillage (Brendan Murray/Seth Nehil)-Sillage (Sedimental) ($12)

Skog Och Dal (Skogen/Anders Dahl)-Skogar, Berg Och Dalar (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Slötakvartetten-Alleberg (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Snawklor-Rushes (Marsupial Sounds) ($13)

*Mark So-and suddenly from all this there came some horrid music (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (performed by Cristián Alvear/Gudinni Cortina)

Adam Sonderberg-Say No (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Adam Sonderberg/Paul Bradley-Anoxia (Longbox/Twenty Hertz) ($15)

Songs-1 & 2 (Intonema) ($15) (performed by the quartet of Lucio Capece, Catherine Lamb, Rishin Singh and Stine Sterne) (edition of 200)

Sonic Catering Band-Live From The Canteens Of Atlantis (Absurd) (2CD) ($14)

The Sons of God (Leif Elggren/Kent Tankred)/Mike Bullock-Table Talk (Fine Noise & Light) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 200)

Sound Projector #12 (Philip Jeck/Greg Kelley/Lasse Marhaug/Reviews, Reviews, Reviews) (Mag) ($8)

*Sound Projector #13 (Rhodri Davies/Murmer/Ronnie Sundin/RLW/etc.) (Magazine) ($8)

Sound Projector #14 (Harry Partch/Ashtray Navigations/The Shadow Ring/Idea Fire Company/TONS of Reviews) (Mag) ($8)

Sound Projector #15 (Russ Waterhouse/mudboy/Peter Strickland/Clay Ruby/U W Owl/TONS of Reviews) (Mag) ($9)

Starytone/Yui Nakamura/Takashi Masubuchi/Masahide Tokunaga-A Crescent and Moonflowers (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Stasis Duo (Matt Earle/Adam Sussmann)-untitled (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11) (new release!)

Steerage (Barry Chabala/A.F. Jones)-Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Howard Stelzer-Bond Inlets (Intransitive) ($12)

Graham Stephenson-Defiantly Not (Pilgrim Talk) (CDr) ($10) (second printing!)

*Graham Stephenson/Aaron Zarzutzki-No Dice (Hideous Replica) ($13) (edition of 100)

Joel Stern-Objectsmasksprops (Naturestrip) ($14)

Joel Stern/Anthony Guerra-Stitch (Impermanent Recordings) ($12)

Stilllife-Archipelago (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

*Karlheinz Stockhausen-Zyklus/Klavierstuck X (Wergo) ($24) (original recordings from the sixties by Christoph Caskel/Max Neuhaus/Frederic Rzewski)

Straytone-Exploration Exploitation Exploration (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

*Streifenjunko (Eivind Lonning/Espen Reinertsen)-No Longer Burning (Sofa) ($13)

Chris Strickland-Situations Enveloped (Caduc) ($8) (CDr) (16 minute EP)

*Taku Sugimoto-Doremilogy (skiti) ($16)

*Taku Sugimoto Guitar Quartet (w/ Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama) (Bottrop-Boy) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto-Guitars (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (compositions by Sugimoto, performed by Andrey Popovsky, Denis Sorokin and Alexander Markvart) (edition of 300)

Taku Sugimoto-Live In Australia (Improvised Music From Japan) (2CD) ($20)

*Taku Sugimoto-Live In Kansai (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto-Musical Composition Series 1 (Kid Ailack Enterprise) (2 CDs) ($24)

Taku Sugimoto-Quintets: Berlin, San Diego (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (compositions by Sugimoto, but he does not perform on either piece)

Taku Sugimoto-Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (performed by Sugimoto/Eubanks/Thieke/Chang/Shirley/Nutters/Lane)

*Taku Sugimoto-Three Speakers (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto/Moe Kamura-Live in Saritote (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (limited edition of 500)

Taku Sugimoto/Minami Saeki-Songs (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto/Minami Saeki-Songs (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 300) (new release, no overlap with the Slub one)

Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Taku Sugimoto/Taku Unami-Tengu et Kitsune (Slub) ($15)

*Taku Sugimoto/Taku Unami-Tengu et Kitsune II (Slub) ($15)

Sun (Oren Ambarchi/Chris Townend)-I'll Be The Same (Staubgold) ($15)

*Sun (Oren Ambarchi w/ remixes by Mapstation, Rafael Toral, Norbert Möslang, Christoph Heemann, etc.)-Sun (Staubgold) (2CD) ($16)

suzueri/Fiona Lee-Ftarri de Solos (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 3) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

suzueri/Makoto Oshiro-Duo (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Akio Suzuki/John Butcher-Immediate Landscapes (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

*Manabu Suzuki-Kantoku Collection (Slub) ($15)

Manabu Suzuki-Live Installation at Loop Line (recorded by Toshiya Tsunoda) (skiti) ($16)

Syndromes/Kostis Kilymis-Temporary Perspectives (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 300)


Masashi Takashima/Tomoko Kageyama/Tetsu Nagasawa/Toshihiro Koike-Astrocyte (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Masashi Takashima/Madoka Kouno/Masahide Tokunaga/Yuma Takeshita-Hubble Deep Fields (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 180)

Masashi Takashima/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara/Atsushi Arakawa/Fiona Lee-Ftarri Jam (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 2) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Yuma Takeshita-on a rainy day (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 150)

*Mitsuteru Takeuchi-Futow 003 (Futow) (CD-R) ($12)

Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Manfred Werder-untitled (Futow) (CDr) ($13)

Tomoe Takizawa-Breathing (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 300)

Yumiko Tanaka-Music Performance (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) (DVD) ($20)

Tandem Electrics (Richard Kamerman/Reed Evan Rosenberg)-Intaglio (RAR) (CDr) ($8)

Tape That (Christophe Meierhans/Koen Nutters)-Catalogue Vol 1 (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Tarab-Surfacedrift (Naturestrip) ($13)

Marvin Tate/Joseph Clayton Mills-The Process (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Taus (Tim Blechmann/Klaus Filip)-The Organ of Corti (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Television Power Electric-Television Power Electric (Gentle Giant) ($11)

*Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-21 situations (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-AHHH (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-TOK (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Texturizer-Texturizer (Antifrost) ($10)

Michael Thieke Unununium-Nachtlieder (Mikroton) ($14)

*Michael Thieke Unununium-Where Shall I Fly Not To Be Sad, My Dear? (Charhizma) ($15)

300 Basses (Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Jonas Kocher/Luca Venitucci)-Sei Ritornelli (Potlatch) ($15)

Stefan Thut-about (elsewhere) (performed by Akama/Chase/Culley/Farmer/wie/Thut)

Stefan Thut/Stefan Cooke-aussen raum (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

John Tilbury-For Tomasz Sikorski (Bolt/Bocian) ($15)

Thomas Tilly-Codex Amphibia (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Toc Sine (Pascal Battus/Jean-Luc Guionnet)-Drawings (Cathnor) ($14)

Kasper T. Toeplitz-Capture (Recordings Of Sleaze Art) ($15)

Kaspar T. Toeplitz-Fissure (Sonoris) ($10)

Masahide Tokunaga-Alto Saxophone (Slub) ($15)

Masahide Tokunaga-Alto Saxophone 2 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Masahide Tokunaga-Bwoouunn: Fleeting Excitement (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Irena Tomažin/Christof Kurzmann-Ljubljana – Wien (l'innomable) (CDr) ($9) (price is reduced as packaging is slightly damaged, very minor)

*Rafael Toral-Harmonic Series 2 (Headz) ($16)

Yasuo Totsuka/Takefumi Naoshima-New Tears of Flowers (Encadre) (CD-R) ($15)

Yasuo Totsuka/Takefumi Naoshima-Pushed Out From The Tube (Encadre) (CD-R) ($15)

*Traw/Rhodri Davies-Cwymp Y Dwr Ar Ganol Dydd (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)

*Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit-Forma II (Pan) ($15)

Trio Sowari (Phil Durrant/Bertrand Denzler/Burkhard Beins)-Shortcut (Potlatch) ($15)

Trio Sowari (Phil Durrant/Bertrand Denzler/Burkhard Beins)-Three Dances (Potlatch) ($15)

Toshiya Tsunoda-The Argyll Recordings (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-O Kokos Tis Anixis (Grains of Spring) (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-Low Frequency Observed at Maguchi Bay (Hibari) ($15)

Toshiya Tsunoda-Somashikiba (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-The Temple Recording (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

David Tudor-Music For Piano (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

TV Pow (remixed by Heimir Bjorgulfsson/Zbignew Karkowski/Sachiko M/Wolf Eyes/Francisco Lopez/Jason Soliday/many others)-Burned Bridges and Lost Loves (Bottrop-Boy) (2CD) ($16)

TV Pow (remixed by Oren Ambarchi/Otomo Yoshihide/Toshimaru Nakamura/Leif Elggren/Burkhard Stangl/Greg Kelley/Olivia Block/Mike Shiflet/Stilluppsteypa/Vertonen/etc.)-Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers (Bottrop-Boy) (2CD) ($19)


Kazuhisa Uchihashi/Noid/Tamara Wilhelm-I Hope It Doesn't Work (Mikroton) ($14)

*Jakob Ullmann-fremde zeit addendum (Edition RZ) (3 CDs) ($37)

*Jakob Ullmann-fremde zeit addendum 4 (Edition RZ) ($16) (the separately released 4th disc for the Ullmann box which fits nicely within, no overlap with the first three)

Tetsuya Umeda-Ocket (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Hideki Umezawa/Yoko Ikeda/Wakana Ikeda/Yoichi Kamimura/Takashi Masubuchi-Ftarri After Tomorrow (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 1) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Taku Unami-Cloud Of Unknowing (Tenseless) ($16)

Taku Unami-Ichimannen Go... Soundtrack (Hibari) ($13)

Taku Unami-Kitsune-Hitori (Slub) ($15)

Taku Unami-Malignitat (skiti) ($16)

Taku Unami-Malignitat II (Free Software Series) (CDr) ($11)

Uncle E-Deep in The Bushes (Antboy) (CDr) ($7)

*Unforgettable H2O (Erik Carlsson/Anders Dahl/Matilda Nordenstrom/Henrik Olsson/Petter Wastberg)-Flatefjäll (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue-Scores (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue-Scores at Ftarri (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 4) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue/Leo Dupleix/Yuma Takeshita-Land of the Hermits (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)


VA AA LR-Newhaven (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (3" CDr) ($7) (edition of 100)

VA AA LR-Polis (Intonema) ($15) (edition of 200)

Vacuum Boys-Space Breakdance Challenge (Takashi Mobile) ($8)

*VALIE EXPORT-3 Experimental Short Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Bas van Koolwijk/Gert-Jan Prins-Synchronator ($14) (PAL DVD)

Various-/2009/ what do you make of what I say (Compost and Height/Q-o2) (CD/book) ($19) (linked solo pieces from ten artists including Annette Krebs. Manfred Werder, Tim Parkinson, etc.)

Various-As She Likes It (Female Performance Art from Austria) (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Various-Berlin Electronics (Absinth) (one disc each from Annette Krebs. Ignaz Schick, Gilles Aubry and Andrea Ermke) (4 3" CDr) ($23)

Various-blank field (Alien8) ($13) (Oren Ambarchi/Merzbow/Daniel Menche/Manon Anne Gillis/Michael Northam/Shunichiro Okada)

Various-Blocks Of Consciousness and the Unbroken Continuum (Akiyama/Butcher/Cage/Halliwell/Kelley/Sachiko/Mattin/Meehan/Roden/Rowe/Tilbury/Unami/Wall/Wastell/Yoshihide/MANY OTHERS) (Sound323) (Book+DVD) ($50)

Various-Echtzeitmusik Berlin (Mikroton) (3 CDs) ($33) (41 tracks compiled by Burkhard Beins to accompany the book of the same name)

*Various-Euskal Interpretatzaile berriak vol.1 (Antifrost) ($10) (Mattin/Tzesne/Inigo Telletxea/Edorta Izarzugaza/Xabier Erkizia)

Various-Experimental Music Concert (Slub) ($15) (compositions by the participants in Taku Sugimoto's experimental music school, English/Japanese liner notes by Sugimoto)

Various-Feedback: Order From Noise (Mikroton) (2 CDs and a DVD) ($33) (edition of 500) (documenting the 2004 UK tour, featuring Alvin Lucier, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshi Nakamura, Nicolas Collins and others)

Various-from:/to: (A Bruit Secret) ($15) (Utah Kawazaki/Masafumi Ezaki/Masahiko Okura/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ami Yoshida/Taku Unami/etc.)

Various-Ftarri Collection 1 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Sugimoto/Iida/Nakamura/Unami, Butcher/Nakamura/Akiyama, Otomo/Nakamura/Hankil)

Various-Ftarri Collection 2 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Noid/Fagaschinski/Dörner/Unami, Prevost/Sachiko)

Various-Ftarri Collection 3 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (gnu, Ami Yoshida solo, Olive/Guerra/Oshiro)

Various-Ftarri Collection 4 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Filip/Fagaschinski, Nishikawa/Olive/Haco, Yamauchi/Ishikawa/Saitoh)

Various-Ftarri Collection 5 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Noaki Miyamoto solo, Chie Mukai/Tetragrammaton)

Various-Ftarri Collection 6 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Hatakeyama/Mizutani, Kawaguchi/Yamaguchi/Kanda)

Various-Ftarri Collection 7 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Yamamoto/Umeda, Suzuki/Yasunaga, Akiyama/Kawasaki/Yamauchi)

Various-Fukushima! (Presqu'ile) (2 CDs) ($22) (includes long tracks from Tilbury and Pisaro/Stuart, also Krebs, Kelley, Beins, and more!)

Various-FULL (Toshimaru Nakamura/Joe Colley/Sachiko M/etc.) (Antifrost) ($10)

Various-Haunted Weather (Staubgold) (2CD) ($16) (previously released Tracks by Otomo Yoshihide/Sachiko M/John Butcher/Kaffe Matthews/Toshiya Tsunoda/Taku Sugimoto/Keith Rowe/John Tilbury/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan 2004 (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($25) (Aki Onda/Tetuzi Akiyama/Ami Yoshida/Masahiko Okura/Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide/Taku Sugimoto/Toshimaru Nakamura/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan 2005 (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($24) (Toshiya Tsunoda/Merzbow/Kiyoshi Mizutani/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan EXTRA (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($18)

Various-Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006 (Improvised Music from Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) (MAGAZINE IS IN JAPANESE-ONLY) ($21) (Annette Krebs/Axel Dorner/Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone/Burkhard Beins/Thomas Ankersmit/etc)

Various-Improvised Music from Japan 2009 (IMJ) (Magazine + 3 CDs) ($25)

Various-In Drawing (Cherry Music) ($15) (2005 release, solo tracks from Ami Yoshida, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Chris Watson, Yasuo Totsuka and 2 others)

Various-Insight (Xing-Wu) (Toshimaru Nakamura/Tetuzi Akiyama/Oren Ambarchi/Jeph Jerman/Taku Sugimoto/Axel Dorner/etc.) (2CD) ($21)

Various-INstruments (List) ($15) (Werner Dafeldecker/Martin Siewert/Janek Schaefer/Steinbrüchel/Günter Müller/etc.)

Various— 10 Jahre Bessere Farben (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (44 tracks from the 10 years of

Various-Labor-CD - Labor Sonor / Kule / Berlin (Charhizma) (2CD/Audio/Video) ($17) (Phosphor/Kai Fagaschinski/Alessandro Bosetti)

Various-Loud :: Quiet (Boxmedia) (2CD) ($16) (Pita/Otomo Yoshihide/Stilluppsteypa/Akiyama/Sugimoto/TV Pow/Voice Crack/Lasse Marhaug/etc.)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 1 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 2 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 3 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Various-Nice Weather for War (Kye) ($14) (new lengthy tracks from Gabi Losoncy, Matthew Revert, Shots, Blues Chemise and Russell Walker, compiled by Kye owner Graham Lambkin)

Various-Off Site Composed Music Series In 2001 (A Bruit Secret) (2CD) ($24)

*Various-Outer01 (Bus) (CDr) ($8)

Various-Outer02 (Joel Stern/Philip Samartzis/etc.) (Bus) (CDr) ($8)

Various-Outer04 (Anthony Guerra/Tarab/etc.) (Bus) ($8)

Various-Overland (Toshiya Tsunoda/Joel Stern/Tarab/Lawrence English) (Naturestrip) ($13)

Various-Relay: Archive 2007-2008 (Joe Foster/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Jin Sangtae in different combos, plus guests like Kai Fagaschinski, dieb13, Toshimaru Nakamura, Bonnie Jones, Klaus Filip, etc) (Manual) (2 CDs) ($24)

Various (Courtis/Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Günter Müller/Radian/Martin Tétreault/etc.)-Rural Psychogeography (Nexsound) ($13)

Various-Social Music (Errant Bodies Press/Fringes/Ground Fault) (CD + Book) ($15)

Various-Sonic Fiction: Synaesthetic Videos from Austria (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Various-Strewth! (Synaesthesia) ($13) (Dion Workman/Philip Samartzis/Oren Ambarchi/Rosy Parlane/etc.)

Various-Untitled Songs (Sirr) (2CD) ($18) (Steve Roden/Asmus Tietchens/Achim Wollscheid/jgrzinich/CM von Hausswolff/Dale Lloyd/etc.)

Various-VOID (Ami Yoshida/Jason Kahn/Cremaster/dieb 13/etc.) (Antifrost) ($10)

Nikos Veliotis/Klaus Filip-Slugabed (Hibari) ($15)

Nikos Veliotis/Nicolas Malevitsis-Murder Melody (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Vestige Vertical- Vestige Vertical (X-Tract) ($11)

Vile Cretin (Miguel A. Garcia/Nick Hoffman)-Vile Cretin (Intonema) ($15)

Volks stöhnende Knochenschau-A Historic Video News Reel Project (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Michael Vorfeld/Christian Wolfarth (Vorwolf)-Snake's Eye (Formed) ($12)

Biliana Voutchkova/Michael Thieke-Blurred Music (elsewhere) ($28) (3 CDs) (edition of 500)


*John Wall/Mark Durgan-untitled (Entr'acte) ($16)

Riccardo Dillon Wanke-Caves (Sedimental) ($12)

Dan Warburton-A Walk Through R/A Walk Through V (Why Not Ltd.) (CDr) ($12)

Dan Warburton/Jean-Luc Guionnet/Eric La Casa-Metro Pre Saint Gervais (Chloë) ($12)

Mark Wastell-After Hours (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Mark Wastell-Amoungst English Men (for piano, tam tam, and tubular bell) (Absinth) ($16)

*RLW-When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice... (Streamline) ($13)

Ralf Wehowsky/Kevin Drumm-Cases (Selektion) ($13)

Ralf Wehowsky-Nameless Victims (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Peter Weibel-Depiction is a crime (Video Wors 1969-1975) (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Barry Weisblat/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ernesto Rodrigues-Diafon (Creative Sources) ($12)

Zhu Wenbo/Zhao Cong/Takashi Masubuchi/Masahide Tokunaga/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara/Hiroyuki Ura-Trio and Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (edition of 200)

Manfred Werder-stück 1998, seiten 676 bis 683 (Irritable Hedgehog) ($14) (perfomed by Cristián Alvear)

*Manfred Werder-20051 (Winds Measure) (performed by Jason Kahn) (8 CD-Rs) ($37) (edition of 150)

Manfred Werder-2006 (performed by Akiyama/Okura/Tsunoda) (skiti) ($16)

Manfred Werder-2009(1) (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8) (realized by Will Montgomery)

*Manfred Werder–20092 (Heresy) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 100, last copies) (realized by Miguel Prado)

Manfred Werder-20153 (actualized by Regler (Mattin & Anders Bryngelsson)) (Nueni) ($15)

Matt Weston-Not To Be Taken Away (7272Music) ($10)

Simon Whetham-Drowning Electret (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Helen White-Solar Wind Chime (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Jacob Wick-Twice Love (Marginal Frequency) (cassette) ($8) (w/Christian Weber on one side and Casey Anderson on the other) (edition of 75)

*Need Thomas Windham-Employment Patterns (Antiopic) ($11)

Gosia Winter/Barry Chabala-Ananke (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

Wolf Eyes-Six Arms And Sucks (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Christian Wolff-Kompositionen 1950-1972 (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28) (includes a new performance of Edges by Keith Rowe)

Dion Workman/Mattin-S3 (Formed) ($12)

*Nigel Wright (CMR) (CDr) ($13)

X, Y, Z

*Iannis Xenakis-Iannis Xenakis (includes Persepolis) (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

Katsura Yamauchi-Houri (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

Katsura Yamauchi-Patiruma: Salmo Sax 2 (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

*Katsura Yamauchi-Salmo Sax (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

Katsura Yamauchi/Michel Doneda-La Drache (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Katsura Yamauchi/Toshimaru Nakamura-Yokutojin (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (great art by Taku Sugimoto!)

Ami Yoshida-Tiger Thrush (Improvised Music From Japan) ($14)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura-and so on (liner notes by Taku Sugimoto) ((h)ear rings) ($14)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Masahiko Okura-Trio (Presqu'ile) ($16)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Taku Sugimoto-not BGM and so on ((h)ear rings) ($14)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Toshiya Tsunoda/Taku Sugimoto-Santa (Presqu'ile) ($16)

*Enore Zaffiri-La voce ed il sintetizzatore_ (Rossbin) ($10)

Gino Zardo/Janek Schaefer-Walking East (Alluvial Recordings) ($12)

*Christian Zanési-Grand Bruit (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Anna Zaradny-Mauve Cycles (Musica Genera) ($14)

Z'ev Vs. Pita-Colchester (Editions Mego) ($16)

Carlos Zingaro/Voice Crack-ba kagpja (sirr) ($13)