Keith Rowe guitar, electronics
Burkhard Beins percussion

ErstLive is a new series of releases from Erstwhile Records, documenting notable live sets associated with the label. The discs are designed to simulate a concert experience, each in the same template design using two colors chosen by the musicians involved, with a photo of the concert on the back cover. Each will be in an edition of 800 CDs and not reprinted. The initial releases will be chosen from the AMPLIFY 2004 festival which took place in Cologne and Berlin in May 2004.

ErstLive 001 is from the duo of Keith Rowe and Burkhard Beins, and took place during the first night of outside shows in the Berlin half of AMPLIFY 2004: addition in May 2004. This was their first set as a duo since the sessions which resulted in "Grain" on Zarek 3 1/2 years earlier.

Listen: Excerpt (3:29)