Günter Müller ipod, minidisc, selected percussion, electronics
Otomo Yoshihide electric guitar, turntables, electronics

Günter Müller and Otomo Yoshihide are deeply respected musicians who have known each other for more than a decade. Time Travel documents their initial meeting as a duo.

Swiss native Günter Müller utilizes a range of electronic devices, influenced by his roots as a percussionist. He's been involved with numerous projects and other musicians over the past two decades, including long-term musical relationships with Jim O'Rourke, Voice Crack, Taku Sugimoto and ErikM. Müller has released many records on his own label, For 4 Ears, including his recent solo debut, eight landscapes. Time Travel is his fourth project for Erstwhile, following The World Turned Upside Down, La Voyelle Liquide, and poire_z +. Müller is the ultimate collaborator, relinquishing virtually any claim on a signature sound in an attempt to maximize the potential of each individual project.

Otomo Yoshihide's prolific career has been unified by a primary objective: the investigation of the nature of sound from every conceivable angle. In the mid-90's, he explored the limits of sample-based turntablism, primarily through his band Ground Zero, as well as in collaborations with Christian Marclay and Yamatsuka Eye. Over the last few years, Otomo has become increasingly interested in minimal wave-based electronics, as heard in his Filament, I.S.O, Cathode and Anode projects. Other projects which he is currently involved in include his New Jazz Quintet, as well as an ongoing duo project with Martin Tétreault. Otomo has also composed many soundtracks for movies, and has written numerous articles and essays for Japanese music publications.

Müller and Otomo first met in Matsushima, Japan in 1989 at a show Müller was doing in an abandoned quarry with his band Nachtluft. Otomo had driven four hours from Tokyo to see the performance, and afterwards they met for the first time. They've since collaborated in a handful of contexts, most notably the Filament 2 record on For 4 Ears, with the trio of Müller, Otomo and Sachiko M. Time Travel was recorded in October 2002, just before the AMPLIFY 2002 festival, and marked their first meeting as a duo. Time Travel consists of seven focused, distinct pieces, which combine to create a unique sense of time, slowly but constantly developing and filled with intricate details. Friederike Paetzold's gorgeous design is based on vector distortions of the world time zone map evoking the effects of frequent flying.