Günter Müller minidiscs, selected percussion, electronics
Norbert Möslangcracked everyday-electronics
Andy Guhl cracked everyday-electroncs
ErikM minidiscs, sampler, fx
Otomo Yoshihide turntables, guitar, electronics (on 1)
Sachiko M sampler w/ sine wave (on 2)
Christian Marclay turntables (on 3)

poire_z, the quartet of Günter Müller, Voice Crack and eRiKm, has been performing together since December 1998. In the summer of 2000, they began a series of performances which included a different fifth member each time. These guests have included Keith Rowe, Martin Tétreault, Lê Quan Ninh, Florian Hecker, and Kevin Drumm in addition to the three excerpted sets which make up +, featuring Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, and Christian Marclay.

Günter Müller, a Swiss percussionist who is increasingly focused on electronics, has worked with a wide range of musicians over the past two decades, including Richard Teitelbaum, Taku Sugimoto, Jim O'Rourke, Dieb 13 and Butch Morris. Many of his projects are documented on his groundbreaking label, For 4 Ears, including the initial poire_z CD. Swiss duo Voice Crack (Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl) have been playing together since 1972. Since 1983, they've been working exclusively with "cracked everyday-electronics", modifying and/or abusing small household machines in order to produce extreme, unique noises. France's eriKm burst onto the scene in the mid-'90s as a virtuoso turntablist. Since then, he has gradually shifted his output into a more abstract vein, sometimes even abandoning the turntables entirely in favor of a minidisc and sampler, as he does here.

As reflected in the arresting CD design by frequent Voice Crack collaborator Alex Hanniman, the quintet recordings presented here tie together multiple threads from these musicians' careers. Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M and Müller recorded as a trio on Filament 2 (For 4 Ears); eriKm participated in Otomo's superb Les Sculpteurs de Vinyl project, as documented on Memory & Money (Stupeur & Trompette); pioneering turnatablist Christian Marclay first recorded with Müller in 1992, and has an ongoing duo project with eriKm, as well as a trio which adds DJ Olive; Otomo Yoshihide and Voice Crack recorded the acclaimed Bits, Bots and Signs (Erstwhile).

+ is poire_z's third CD, following the self-titled debut on For 4 Ears, and presque_chic (Sonoris). The guest musicians' distinctive personalities define each track, infiltrating the core quartet's whirlwind of ideas - influencing, gently nudging, but never impeding or derailing the constant progress.