Axel Dörner trumpet
Kevin Drumm guitar, electronics

Axel Dörner and Kevin Drumm are two of the most exciting improvisers in the world. Dörner is at the forefront of a handful of young trumpeters who are reexamining the instrument, approaching it from entirely different perspectives, while Drumm's chameleon-like presence has been documented on a handful of projects, each revealing new facets of his wide-ranging and unique talents on both guitar and electronics.

Dörner hails from Cologne, and has been living in Berlin since 1994. He is one of the busiest musicians in the European improv scene, working in projects ranging from free improv ensembles like the Territory Band (Okkadisk) and Hidros One (Caprice) to more abstract work with Annette Krebs, Günter Müller and Andrea Neumann. He has a solo CD out soon on A Bruit Secret, as well as a trio disc with Xavier Charles and John Butcher on Potlatch. Drumm lives in Chicago, and has quickly risen to prominence since the release of his debut self-titled record (Perdition Plastics) in 1997. He's released superb duo records with Taku Sugimoto (Sonoris) and Martin Tétreault (Erstwhile), as well as an upcoming one with Ralf Wehowsky (Selektion).

Dörner and Drumm have performed together many times over the last few years, both as a duo and as a trio with drummer Paul Lovens. This untitled CD was compiled from two different studio sessions, one in Chicago in February 2000, and the second in Vienna in October 2000, and reflects some of the wide range of the approaches which this duo utilize. Dörner and Drumm seamlessly meld the worlds of acoustic and electronic, occasionally teetering on the edge of silence, yet always remaining impeccably musical.

The arresting cover photos were shot by illustrious Chicago critic and musician John Corbett.

"Ever since I first heard about Axel Dörner (courtesy of Mats Gustafsson - "He's inhuman!"), IÕve secretly been waiting for this recording. Dörner's "inhuman" ability to paradoxically master his instrument's most unstable areas finds an ideal partner in DrummÕs own sonic destabilizations. Together they create a complex, mottled web of sound-in-flux. Taut, electric, and thoroughly engaging!" -- Greg Kelley