The Wire
October 2000
Label Lore - Erstwhile Records

Run by:
Jon Abbey

Roster includes:
Keith Rowe, Günter Müller, Thomas Lehn, Kevin Drumm, Otomo Yoshihide, Dean Roberts, Marcus Schmickler, Voice Crack, Burkhard Stangl, Christof Kurzmann, Werner Dafeldecker, John Butcher, Phil Durrant, VHF, Haunted House, Martin Tétreault, Lé Quan Ninh, Gerry Hemingway, Earl Howard, Denman Maroney, Taku Sugimoto

Brief History:
Erstwhile was founded in the summer of 1999 in order to document compelling and underrecognized musicians. By the end of the year, the focus had gravitated toward electroacoustic improv collaborations, which is where it currently remains. Erstwhile will continue to explore areas of music which I find particularly compelling.

Statement of Intent:
Erstwhile is interested in releasing works of lasting and exceptional quality which will transcend the overwhelming supply of new music facing consumers. Erstwhile seeks the middle ground between improvisation and composition, trained and self-taught, acoustic and electronic, organization and abstraction. Erstwhile's main objective is to provoke and revive the weary ears of the jaded listener with unique and constantly evolving soundworlds.

Future plans:
In the first quarter of 2001, current release plans include collaborations from Axel Drner/Kevin Drumm and from Stilluppsteypa/TV Pow, as well as a brilliantly subdued live performance by the trio of Phil Durrant, Thomas Lehn and Radu Malfatti. There are also many other exciting projects in the works, with plans to release between eight and ten CDs in 2001.

Choice cuts:
VHF-Extracts, Keith Rowe/Günter Müller/Taku Sugimoto-The World Turned Upside Down, Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler-Bart

(Info and manifesto: Jon Abbey, Choice Cuts selected by the Wire)